‘Jeans Queen’ Jessica Alba

The ‘Dark Angel’ was honored as the world’s most stylish jeans wearer of the year.

In the list of “10 best dressed women in the world in 2012” voted by the editorial board and more than 42 million readers of the prestigious  People magazine , Jessica Alba won the title of the most stylish person wearing jeans. The actress’s daily outfit is filled with jeans in a variety of styles and colors, and she also cleverly combines them creatively to always look extremely “cool” and attractive.


Jessica often chooses skinny (tight) jeans in bright colors mixed with t-shirts, blazers (feminine vests) and short high-heeled boots to create  a youthful, dynamic  style .

Sometimes she “emphasizes” the masculinity of her outfit with a loose vest and comfortable flat shoes.

Stand out on the street with bright yellow jeans, high leather boots, long sweaters and warm scarves.


Skinny jeans with playful prints.

Skinny printed with flowers and leaves is also Jessica’s favorite outfit. She often combines it with stylish sandals to add a healthy look to her appearance.


Dusty and cool with rolled-up jeans and a big scarf.

With the same style of dark, slim-fit jeans, sometimes Jessica looks feminine and lovely when mixed with a shrimp-colored blazer and high-heeled sandals,…

… other times, the beauty looks stronger when combined with a long black cardigan (lightweight wool or cotton jacket) and stylish flat sandals.

The “dark angel” is extremely attractive and impressive with her menswear style (with a masculine feel): baggy checkered shirt, jeans and black tube scarf with short leather boots.

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