Christina Aguilera teases the release of her new Latin album — but fans shouldn’t expect the new music all at once

Christina Aguilera teases the release of her new Latin album — but fans shouldn’t expect the new music all at once

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Christina Aguilera.Rich Fury/Getty Images


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Christina Aguilera is on the verge of releasing her first Spanish-language music in over 20 years.

Back in 2000, the pop legend unveiled her sophomore album “Mi Reflejo,” her first (and so far only) project sung in Spanish. She’s long promised fans a follow-up, but in a recent Zoom interview with Insider, she confirmed it will “finally be released very soon.”

“I just shot the two first music videos a couple of days ago for the first single release,” she revealed, noting suggestively that mid-September to mid-October is known as Hispanic Heritage Month.

In order to capture the most authentic sound, Aguilera made sure to work with artists immersed in the genre.

“I spent the full month of February in Miami, just being supported and surrounded by just the best Latin producers and composers and writers and musicians and producers,” she said of creating the project. “It was just such an amazing, magical experience that made me fall in love with music in a new way, all over again.”

However, the powerhouse vocalist clarified that fans shouldn’t expect everything to land all at once.

“I came out of Miami with so much new material and things that I love,” she said. “We’re going to spread the music out — like six different songs released within, you know, throughout the next year. So there will be new material consistently added.”

Indeed, Aguilera has actually been working on two albums simultaneously, the other sung in English.

When asked if it would continue in the hip-hop-heavy direction of 2018’s “Liberation,” Aguilera said she’s “still developing the sound,” but agreed that Black music has always been “threaded through the bottom line” of her style.

“I feel like there’s always been an R&B flair, nods to soul, as well as hip-hop elements, in what I do,” she told Insider. “Because it’s something that I just love listening to on my personal time.”

“As I get older, I’m more able to explore the core of the music that I love,” she continued. “So we’ll be fleshing that out for sure…I never make a record where I don’t have something new and fresh to say, having gone through certain experiences, life changes.”

Still, Aguilera said fans can expect what she’s known for: “big vocal songs.”

“But this time I’m appreciating this place where I’m at as a woman, who’s had a beautiful, amazing, 20-year career,” she added.

christina aguilera sweetarts beat mixer contest
Christina Aguilera in the studio recently with the SweetBEATS contest winner. Cole Gentry
To add to her full plate, Aguilera has been taking time to find and foster young musical talent.

Fittingly, the “Candyman” singer teamed up with SweeTARTS to launch the SweetBEATS mixer contest, which allowed anyone to create their own beat and submit it for review. Aguilera was then tasked with choosing her favorite from a selection of 20 fan-voted finalists.

Aguilera selected a submission from a 15-year-old boy, who cited Frank Ocean and Travis Scott as influences. Then, she brought him into a virtual studio session and helped fine-tune the final recording, which was made available to stream on Tuesday.

“I’m always excited about introducing new talent and opportunities to the world,” she told Insider. “It’s partly why ‘The Voice’ was so fun for me at one time, ’cause I got to work with artists, develop their craft, and give advice to people coming into the business.”

“Plus,” she added, “combining candy and music is a no brainer for me.”

Aguilera described the final track as “playful” and “fun” with a “moody element.” She also praised the contest winner for his “cool taste” and bravery.

“I definitely am going to be staying in touch with him to see where he wants to go, to hear updates and make sure he stays motivated,” she said.  “It takes a lot of courage to be young and put yourself forward like that, not having any experience or training. And so I was really proud of the fact that he put himself out there. A lot of kids are too fearful to even give it a try.”

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