Selena Gomez forced her best friend Francia Raisa to donate her kidney when she wasn’t ready?

Francia Raisa took many health risks when she donated a kidney to her close friend at a very young age.

Selena Gomez has been the focus of criticism from netizens recently. It all comes from an interview between her and Rolling Stone magazine, in which the owner of the hit  Love You Like a Love Song  shared:  “I never fit in with a group of trendy girls who are famous people.” . My only close friend in the industry is Taylor (Swift), so I always feel out of place.”

This statement makes many people think that Selena Gomez is ungrateful to actress Francia Raisa – her close friend who donated her kidney in 2017. Francia Raisa also knew about the interview and unfollowed Gomez on Instagram on the 6th. /11. 

Not long after that, netizens continued to discover that Selena Gomez did not mention Francia Raisa in the latest documentary –  Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, even though the film is about her journey overcoming both physical and mental illnesses. physically and mentally in the past. 

Selena Gomez forced her best friend Francia Raisa to donate her kidney when she wasn't ready?-1
Francia Raisa took health risks to donate her kidney to Selena Gomez

 Francia Raisa’s interviews began to be “unearthed”, in which netizens discovered that the How I Met Your Father actress did not seem to be really ready to donate her kidney to Gomez like many people. thought.

In an interview with SELF magazine in 2018, Francia Raisa said she was surprised to learn that her kidney was compatible with Selena Gomez’s kidney: 

“I literally panicked. When I found out I was compatible (with Selena), I didn’t expect it to be like that. One day, I got a FaceTime call from Selena, she was like ‘We’re compatible. already together!’, then I’m like ‘Yayyy, but what? How do you know that?’.”

The actress born in 1988 added: 

“I’ve prepared a way to tell Selena when I decide (to donate my kidney or not). I know it (the surgery) will happen, I just need a little time, you know, this is what happens.” That’s big. So I hung up, called my employee. I was very angry, and she told me: ‘It’s going to be very difficult. The recipient will recover faster because he gets exactly what he needs, but The giver is more miserable because you will lose something that you do not need to give. And it is true that things are very difficult.” 

Selena Gomez forced her best friend Francia Raisa to donate her kidney when she wasn't ready?-2

According to Francia Raisa’s share, it seems that the doctor who tested the kidneys went against the procedure when reporting that the kidneys were compatible with Gomez first. The actress only received news from close friends and while still hesitant, Gomez announced the good news via her personal Instagram. This episode made many people believe that Raisa had no choice but to help. 

In another interview with Today in 2017, Selena Gomez revealed: 

“The time when Francia lived with me was quite interesting, it coincided with the time my kidneys failed. I think that’s it. I don’t want to ask anyone (to donate my kidney). The thought of asking anyone to do that for me was difficult for me. Francia volunteered to do it (donate her kidney). And even if someone volunteers (donates), finding someone with a suitable kidney is miraculous. The fact that her kidney matches mine is unbelievable.” 

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