NBA – In the midst of a series of defeats, Wembanyama cashes in on Jeremy Sochan: “We are not…

NBA – In the midst of a series of defeats, Wembanyama cashes in on Jeremy Sochan:
“We are not…

NBA Victor Wembanyama et Jeremy Sochan

Accustomed to winning for years, Victor Wembanyama has known the opposite situation since his debut at Spurs.

His new franchise has one series of defeats and everything is still far from being perfect.

Jeremy Sochan in particular singled out for his work at the lead, with Victor Wembanyama recently addressing the subject.

Three victories in eleven games, a series of eight consecutive defeats and a 13th place in the West: clearly, we should not expect much from Spurs this season.

With such a young group, Gregg Popovich is mainly content to experiment in order to find the right formula around Victor Wembanyama.

One of his biggest decisions was to move Jeremy Sochan to the point guard position.

Although a strong winger by training, the sophomore logically still has a lot of difficulty adapting to his new role.

As a result, the Texans’ play remains quite dramatic and we sometimes have the impression that Wembanyama is literally snubbed by his teammates, as the construction of the systems is so disjointed. Asked about Sochan, the first draft pick answered questions directly.

Wembanyama maintains confidence in Jeremy Sochan in the lead

I got this statement before the OKC game, but here’s what Victor Wembanyama said last night about Jeremy Sochan’s experience at the lead:

“We have a long-term vision, and we’re not not yet close to our goal, but we are on the right track. And one day, it will all pay off.

Not the type to hit the members of his locker room, Wemby knows that the San Antonio project needs time although he wants to win right away. After all, it’s only been around ten matches…

However, if the fans praise his team spirit, they think that the Habs are not as sincere as they want us to believe and that they are simply looking for to avoid turbulence around the Éperons roster.

His body language when Sochan ignores him says something else. I’m glad he’s keeping it internal and not publicly flaunting his teammate, but it’s not good basketball and he knows it.

Victor Wembanyama advocates patience for Jeremy Sochan, but also for Spurs as a whole.

Once the mayonnaise has set, the Frenchman thinks that the franchise will be formidable… it remains to be seen whether this will be possible by keeping Jeremy Sochan in this position when it is not at all natural for him.

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