“Behind Selena Gomez’s Glamorous Looks: Makeup Artist Shares Insider Tips for Feathered Brows and Dewy Skin”

Have you ever pondered upon the secrets behind Selena Gomez’s stunning radiance? It’s not just because of her renowned Rare Beauty line. All praise goes to Melissa Murdick, a distinguished Los Angeles makeup artist who works with numerous celebrities, including Selena. In her TikTok videos, Melissa divulges her beauty tips and tricks, taking fans on a journey behind-the-scenes. From preparing Selena for red-carpet events to prepping her skin for photoshoots, Melissa leaves no stone unturned in sharing her expertise.

Selena Gomez stunned on the red carpet at the Rare Impact Fund Gala while wearing a minimal makeup look

Selena Gomez looked absolutely breathtaking as she graced the red carpet at the Rare Impact Fund Gala. What made her stand out even more was her simple yet stunning makeup that accentuated her natural beauty.

Melissa Murdick has grown her TikTok following by sharing tips on how to get the perfect beauty look, inspired by glam she does for the pop singer

Melissa Murdick has built a substantial following on TikTok by providing useful advice for achieving the perfect beauty look. Her inspiration comes from her work with popular pop singer, Selena Gomez, as well as other celebrities such as Ashley Park, Rosalía, and Ashley Tisdale. Melissa’s tips include choosing a makeup look that complements your outfit and creating a dewy glow that suits your skin type.

In addition, Melissa explained how she designed a chic and elevated look for Selena for the Rare Impact Fund Gala, keeping in mind the context of the event and the different outfits Selena would be wearing. To ensure that the makeup look wouldn’t compete with the outfit, Melissa opted for softer tones and focused on elongating the eye and creating a soft, fluffy brow.

Melissa explained how Selena  arrived on the red carpet ahead of her hosting duties at the Rare Impact Fund Benefit Supporting Youth Mental Health in a sparkling silver gown

The singer and actress, 31, then slipped into a stylish purple flower frock, so Melissa had to make sure her glam makeup complemented both dresses

In this piece, Melissa gives a glimpse of how she styled Selena’s makeup for the Rare Impact Fund Benefit Supporting Youth Mental Health. Selena came to the event wearing a silver gown before changing into a purple flower frock, which meant that Melissa had to ensure that her makeup complemented both outfits. Melissa specifically talked about Selena’s eyebrows, which she made to look really full and feathered out using only two products.

Her technique involved ensuring that the individual hairs were visible, giving them a brushed-up, feathered, and soft appearance. Melissa also made sure that the shape of Selena’s brows remained true to her natural brow structure without creating any peaks or angular shapes. To elongate the brow and lift the eye, she dragged the tail of the brow out. Finally, Melissa never added product in the front of the brow, wanting it to look soft and natural-looking.

Melissa broke down how she gave Selena the feathered, Instagram influencer-beloved eyebrows she's famous for having

Melissa explained the technique she used to create Selena’s signature feathered eyebrows, which have gained popularity among Instagram influencers.

The celebrity makeup artist also works with celebrities including Lizzy Caplan, Ashley Park, Ashley Tisdale and Billie Eilish

The makeup artist who is popular among celebrities such as Lizzy Caplan, Ashley Park, Ashley Tisdale and Billie Eilish, uses the Brow Harmony pencil in Rich Taupe from Selena’s Rare brand to fill in eyebrows. Melissa advises against over-filling, which can result in an angry or intense look. After filling, she uses a spoolie to soften the brows. To ensure that the brows stay in place all day long, the makeup pro brushes them down and back up again using brow gel.

Melissa also shared tips on how to achieve hydrated, dewy skin like Selena’s. She suggests using a luminizing primer all over the face for a natural-looking glow, but recommends those with oily skin use a mattifying primer on the center of their face and a luminizing one on the edges. According to her, achieving a realistic glow requires a layering effect.

One of Melissa's favorite beauty techniques is creating an ultra-hydrated, 'wet skin' look using luminizing primer and highlighting product on the high points of the face

Melissa’s go-to method for achieving a dewy, moisturized appearance for her skin involves utilizing a luminizing primer and highlighting product on the prominent features of her face. This technique is one of her personal favorites in the realm of beauty.

Fans flock to the comments section to praise Melissa's natural makeup looks and the affordable beauty dupes she provides so folks can do their own glam at home

Melissa’s followers are enamored with her stunning natural makeup looks and budget-friendly beauty tips that allow them to achieve the same glam look at home. To create a ‘glow from within,’ Melissa applies a highlighting product on the high points of her face before foundation application, allowing it to sit for 30 seconds. She then dots foundation where she applied the highlighter and lightly strokes it downward for a thin layer, avoiding suffocating the skin. She recommends using a dense foundation brush for best results. Finally, Melissa spritzes a face mist on the edges of the face to add hydration and a juicy glow.

The Rare Beauty founder turns to the celebrity makeup artist for promotional photoshoots and red carpet appearances

Melissa makes sure to let Selena's natural beauty shine through by highlighting her skin and giving her a subtle glow

To showcase Selena’s natural beauty, Melissa employs highlighting techniques that give her a soft glow. Her fans appreciate her tutorials for utilizing affordable products and showcasing her expert techniques. In fact, one fan raved in the comments section of her TikTok video, expressing gratitude for Melissa’s use of budget-friendly products. Although she often incorporates products from Selena’s own beauty line, Rare Beauty, Melissa also shares less expensive alternatives so fans can effortlessly recreate her looks at home. While some makeup artists might be reluctant to share their secrets with the masses, Melissa is always eager to offer up her helpful tips and tricks for achieving a stunning radiance.

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