Justin Bieber’s Explosive Response to Selena Gomez’s Revelation about His Marriage to Hailey

In a recent interview, Gomez opened up about feeling emotionally crushed after her breakup with Bieber. This confession didn’t sit well with the “Sorry” singer, who is now happily married to model Hailey Baldwin. Sources close to the couple claim that Bieber was taken aback by Gomez’s decision to bring up their relationship publicly, considering it unnecessary and a desperate cry for attention.

Bieber and Gomez had an on-and-off relationship that endured for years, and their highly publicized breakup was widely covered by the media. Gomez’s interview shed light on the emotional toll their relationship had on her, revealing feelings of mental and emotional abuse during their time together.

Since marrying Baldwin in 2018, Bieber and his wife have mostly kept their personal life private. However, Gomez’s comments seem to have reignited old emotions for the young singer, leaving him frustrated and upset by the reemergence of his past in the public eye.

Bieber has previously spoken about how his past relationships have impacted his mental health and has sought therapy to address these issues. Gomez’s interview has clearly stirred up unresolved emotions for the pop star, challenging his attempts to move forward from his tumultuous past.

Despite his anger, Bieber has chosen not to address Gomez’s comments publicly. Instead, he’s focused on his current relationship with Hailey, with the couple publicly displaying their love and seemingly unfazed by Gomez’s revelations.

On the other hand, Gomez has been vocal about her struggles with mental health in recent years, aiming to help others facing similar challenges by sharing her own experiences. Her openness contrasts with Bieber’s preference for privacy, creating a dynamic wherein Gomez is more likely to discuss their past relationship.

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