“Now we leave that open for the future”: Dwayne Johnson Had a Long Talk With Keanu Reeves to Co-Star in $7.2B Franchise

“Now we leave that open for the future”: Dwayne Johnson Had a Long Talk With Keanu Reeves to Co-Star in $7.2B Franchise

"Now we leave that open for the future": Dwayne Johnson Had a Long Talk With Keanu Reeves to Co-Star in $7.2B Franchise

Keanu Reeves, the epitome of grace and versatility, has etched his name into the history of Hollywood with his iconic career in action films. With his enigmatic presence and effortless charisma, Reeves has captivated audiences worldwide with his memorable performances and breathtaking stunts.

Keanu Reeves has become synonymous with thrilling, pulse-pounding action films and has delivered blockbuster franchises like The Matrix, John Wick, and much more. But this list of iconic action films could have the addition of another superhit film named, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Both the film’s lead star, Dwayne Johnson, and the director, David Leitch, shared about being engaged in talks with Reeves for his possible entry in the film.

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

Dwayne Johnson On Keanu Reeves’ Entry In Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Dwayne Johnson revealed that Keanu Reeves was initially in talks to join the film as the Director of Eteon, the mysterious and technologically advanced terrorist organization. Fans were excited at the prospect of the Constantine star lending his charisma to the film. However, creative considerations led to a change of plans. Johnson explained that he and Reeves had a discussion, and they both agreed that it didn’t feel right creatively. While Reeves didn’t ultimately join the cast, The Rock emphasized that leaving the possibility open for the future was the best outcome.

“And then what we also did at the end was we left the ominous voice faceless. So, for some time, I think you guys have heard the rumor that it was going to be a bit of a John Wick, all disguised. But then we left it there [with] a few people in mind. Originally, Keanu was the goal. We were talking, and it just didn’t feel right creatively. …He and I talked, and I totally got it. And it wound up being the best thing, so now we leave that open for the future.”

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

David Leitch On Considering Keanu Reeves For Hobbs & Shaw

The director of Hobbs & Shaw, David Leitch, recognized the buzz surrounding the Point Break star’s potential involvement. The idea of Reeves joining the film was born during early conversations before the script was finalized. The director though had periodic discussions with Reeves, exploring opportunities for his inclusion in the movie.

“Actually, no. It all stemmed from the fact that we had talked to Keanu early on. It was even before where we ended up with this draft. I had been talking to Keanu periodically through the shooting of it all and looking for opportunities of where it could be. I also wanted to make sure that it was enough — a real promise for something legitimate in the future — and wasn’t just a stunt casting role. We started to populate the movie with all these other personalities, and I just didn’t really think that we needed it, although I would’ve loved it. We even talked in the post, and I showed him a rough cut of the movie.”

David LeitchDavid Leitch

However, a mutual decision was made to put a pin in Reeves’ potential role aligning with the film’s mysterious ending, where the identity of the Eteon Director remains nameless and faceless.

“Then, we had conversations about ‘is there something here?’ We came to the conclusion of ‘let’s put a pin in it.’ I’m all for finding opportunities, but I also didn’t want to force anything. The mystery at the end of the movie where the Eteon director is nameless and faceless seems perfect for our ending because we had so much story we’ve already told. The backstory with Brixton and Shaw, Hobbs reconnecting with Jonah (Cliff Curtis), Shaw reconnecting with Hattie, Locke’s relationship with Hobbs…Dinkley. There was just so much stuff, and we still had to resolve all the family threads.”

Hobbs & Shaw (2019)Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

While fans may have wished to witness Keanu Reeves alongside Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, creative considerations ultimately led to a different path, shattering the hopes of many to see the on-screen crossover between Reeves and The Rock.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is available on Peacock TV.

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