Vin Diesel’s zodiac sign fueled ‘Fast X’ star’s $205M net worth

Living life a quarter mile at a time with no sleeves in sight, Vin Diesel, the hottest bald man of 2022, wearer of kilts and patron saint of sequels is back at it for his latest lap as Dom Toretto in “Fast X” the tenth installment in the “Fast & Furious,” franchise.

Diesel rose to prominence in 1998’s “Saving Private Ryan” and the first “Fast & Furious,” film, released in 2001. The OG installment followed a plot line curiously similar to “Point Break,” wherein a rookie detective goes undercover to investigate the illegal dealings of a California cool kids club.

Trading surfers for car enthusiasts, the film was an immediate hit with audiences whose taste for the operatic arc of trouble and tailgates continues to prove insatiable.

Screeching to screens on May 19, “Fast X,” sees Diesel pitted against a sociopathic long hair with a grave grudge played by Jason Momoa. BDE funny man turned heartthrob Pete Davidson is also along for the ride as are Oscar winners Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron and Brie Larson. Returning cast members include Ludacris, John Cena, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster.

Touchingly, Meadow Walker Thornton-Allan, daughter of the late, great “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker and goddaughter of Vin Diesel, makes a cameo appearance in the new film.

Despite the big names and unabashed joy, the Furious saga has never garnered much in terms of critical acclaim. In his reviews of of “Fast X,” The Post’s own Johnny Oleksinski writes, “I’m convinced this is the first major Hollywood film written by ChatGPT.”  Ouch, bro.

Never the less, fans are faithful to the octane action, heat felt family dynamics and the high pitched siren song of the criminal underworld.

In honor of “Fast X” and the hits that keep on coming we’re looking at the stars behind the star, ladies and gentlemen Vin ‘ride of die’ Diesel. Read on to learn more.

A Cancer who knows when to shoot his shot

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 1484 -- Pictured: Actor Vin Diesel arrives on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 -- (Photo By: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Tough but tender, Cancers like Vin are all heart.NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Vin Diesel was born Mark Sinclair on July 18, 1967, one half of a pair of fraternal twins. Fun fact: Diesel’s mum Delora Vincent is a practicing psychologic and astrologer! Diesel’s stars reveal he is a protective, feelings as facts, care as control Cancer sun with a swashbuckling, open road loving Sagittarius moon.

Diesel’s stage name is itself a microcosm of his sun and moon combination. Cancer rules maternal care, root systems, and home dynamics and Vin, an abbreviation of his mother’s married name, speaks to these associations.

Diesel, a nickname gained during his years spent as a nightclub bouncer, alludes to his high energy and built for speed moon sign.

As the sign of water logged, tear tasting nostalgia, Cancers are called back to the past and Diesel is no exception.

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Bob Marshak/Original/Kobal/Shutterstock (5879500h) Vin Diesel, Paul Walker The Fast and The Furious - 2001 Director: Rob Cohen Original Films USA Scene Still Action/Adventure
Vin Diesel with his late Virgo bestie Paul Walker.Bob Marshak/Original/Kobal/Shutt

As a kid he eschewed television but would watch classic movies on repeat, claiming to have watched “On the Waterfront,” a hundred times or more. In a similar pattern of return, Diesel keeps on driving and striving in his recurring “Fast & Furious” role.

Diesel’s sun and moon combo speak to him being a real private sector goofball, Cancer representing the home, the moon being the most personal of placements and Sagittarius being the sign of the slapstick, filterless comedian.

As the movie going public we’ve been privy to some of this funnyman potential in “Find Me Guilty,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,”and “The Pacifier” but my hope is that as Diesel ages, or gracefully rusts, we’ll see more of his innate hilarity.

Moon square Uranus

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/Shutterstock (1634780a) Xxx (Triple X), Vin Diesel Film and Television
Recurring action star is the role Diesel was born to play.Moviestore/Shutterstock
The moon represents our instinctual, emotional nature and Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, in Diesel’s chart these two entities conflict in a square aspect indicating strong intuition and serious moodiness.

With the moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Virgo there is a bit of a struggle between the need for autonomy and excitability and a deep craving for stability and order.

In terms of artistic expression we can see this dynamic satisfied by a consistent film series that is centered on action and edging towards and beyond personal limits.

Moon square Pluto

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/Shutterstock (8326441r) Vin Diesel Fast & Furious 8 - 2017
Vin Diesel giving face and Plutonian vibes in the eighth installment of the “Fast and Furious” franchise.Moviestore/Shutterstock

Diesel’s moon in Sagittarius also forms a square with Pluto, planet of death and transformation. This aspect suggests acute sensitivity, unblinking intensity, borderline warlock psychic attunement and unstoppable drive (car pun intended).

There is nothing half way or remotely subtle about Pluto and in relationship to the moon, our emotional home base, Pluto can show up as a consuming need for safety, security and nourishment. Perhaps this need is answered in Diesel’s choice to reprise his roles as Dom Toretto, Riddick, Groot and XXX, respectively.

There is comfort in return, stability in the familiar and a guaranteed pay day promised by a franchise film. The presence of Pluto combined with Diesel’s ‘nest hard’ Cancer sun helps to explain the allegedly ‘absurd’ measures he has taken to protect his home and family. In the cardinal waters of Cancer, you can never be too safe nor can a perimeter be too secure.

Jupiter trine Saturn

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 18: Vin Diesel attends the Universal Pictures "F9" World Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 18, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage)
Vin Diesel has Jupiter, planet of expansion in the stage centric sign of Leo.WireImage

Diesel’s Jupiter, planet of luck and loose living is in Leo, the sign of the stage and the natural habitat of performers.

Jupiter expands everything it touches and in the sign of Leo the jolly gas giant lends his good juju to Diesel’s serious star power, likely helping him become one of the highest grossing actors of his generation and generate a net worth of $205 million, according to Parade.

The planet of fortune forms a harmonious, good vibe trine with Saturn, the planet of hard work and tough love, and daddy vibes.

With this aspect the indication is that hard work pays off exponentially, the grind is gold if you will and Diesel proves the point.

Here’s to keeping your foot on the gas, your resplendent dome shining and your bank roll rolling, Vin, we love to see it.

Astrologer Reda Wigle researches and irreverently reports back on planetary configurations and their effect on each zodiac sign. Her horoscopes integrate history, poetry, pop culture and personal experience. She is an accomplished writer who has profiled a variety of artists and performers, as well as extensively chronicled her experiences while traveling.

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