Daniel Radcliffe Revealed The Sad Truth About His Fame During A Candid Conversation With Graham Norton

The “Harry Potter” actor said his girlfriend encouraged him to not let rude fans walk all over him.

Daniel Radcliffe won the hearts of millions when he starred as Harry Potter in the popular film franchise. However, along with fame as a child star, Radcliffe experienced pressure to be as nice as possible to his fans.

While this doesn’t seem to be a bad thing, Radcliffe said he occasionally met some fans who weren’t very nice to him. This was quite different from Taylor Swift, who invited fans over to her houses for secret listening parties.

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These sorts of stories have become commonplace on The Graham Norton Show, where Radcliffe and Swift both shared their experiences. However, Norton himself revealed that his guests can sometimes compete with each other when telling similar funny or embarrassing stories.

Daniel Radcliffe Told Graham Norton The Sad Truth About The Way Fans Treat Him

Radcliffe appeared on The Graham Norton Show in 2015. During the chart, Norton asked Radcliffe about his experiences with fans.

Norton began by noting that, while Radcliffe is known for being kind to fans, he was beginning to “toughen up” and “be more discerning” with them.

Radcliffe looked confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

When Norton clarified, Radcliffe understood and began explaining why he had been so nice to fans in the first place.

“I think when you start acting at a young age, people expect you to be a total d*** all the time and that’s the expectation that you always find yourself coming up against,” Radcliffe said. “And so all my life I’ve worked hard to not be that and to be as far away from that as possible.”

However, Radcliffe said that this unfortunately meant he became accustomed to rude treatment from others.

“That has meant that you can be really rude to me and I’ll just be like, ‘Yeah fine.'” he said. “I won’t really notice you’ve been rude.”

This is something that Radcliffe experienced when a fan approached him in public and asked for a picture.

“99% of the time when someone comes up to you and asks you for something on the street, they’re very nice,” Radcliffe said, before explaining that this particular fan fell into the other 1%.
“Somebody said, ‘Can I get a picture with you?’ And I said, ‘Yeah of course, if you want to.'”

Radcliffe said that he was “just saying words” and didn’t mean anything by it. However, the fan said, “Well I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to.”

“And of course I was like, ‘Oh no, of course you wouldn’t. How silly of me.’ And she left and my girlfriend, who was with me, said, ‘That girl was a d*** to you!’ So she’s giving me a sense of, like, you can judge that. Not that I’m a d*** back now.”

Taylor Swift Laughs With Graham Norton About Inviting Fans To Her Secret Listening Parties

In order to get fans excited for her “1989” album release, Swift held surprise listening parties for her fans. She called these parties “The ‘1989’ Secret Sessions” and they took place at Swift’s various homes. These included Los Angeles, New York, Rhode Island, Nashville, and her London hotel room. The fans got to hear the album months before the release.

The estimated 30 fans were shuttled by bus to Swift’s home, where there was a big lunch spread. After the meal, the guests were led inside where they sat in the living room for the listening party.

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For most celebrities, inviting a group of fans to their home doesn’t seem like a good idea. It could be a safety issue and cause a security risk. When asked about this, Swift didn’t seem too concerned.

Swift explained her “screening process” to David Letterman when she was a guest on his show.

“The screening process was like, a girl taking a selfie and I could see she’s got my poster in the background and she writes me a cute comment on Instagram,” Swift said. “Or somebody saying, ‘I’ve been to five shows, I’ve never met you before.’ None of these people who came to ‘The Secret Sessions’ had ever met me. So I wanted to meet them in a situation where they never felt rushed, they weren’t waiting outside…”

When Letterman pressed further about security and whether Swift’s young fans were with their parents, Swift said the parents were present if a fan was under the age of 18.

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Swift was very clear that she wanted real fans to be invited to the event. She further discussed her preparation for the listening parties with Graham Norton.

“I would go online and I would look at their Instagram pages, or their Twitter or their Tumblr or whatever and I just kind of watched them for months and months,” she said.

She also laughed when Norton mentioned how the fans frequently said they “died” when seeing Swift in person.

Graham Norton Told Seth Meyers Guests Sometimes Compete Over Funny Stories

The kind of funny stories Radcliffe and Swift shared on Norton’s show has become one of its trademarks.

When Norton was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, he was asked if he got nervous about interviewing multiple famous faces at once. Norton said it actually brought a competitive element to the show.

“I think what’s good about actors is sometimes they don’t care about the audience, but they do care about each other,” Norton said.
“So if an actor tells a funny story, you can see someone seething. Kind of like, ‘I have a funny story! I s*** myself!’. And so, the stakes get higher and higher. And sometimes we do get terrible stories – kind of like, ‘don’t tell that on television.’”

“When I think of famous people and the most embarrassing story they’ve told on a chat show, it’s always on your show,” Meyers said.

“But I think that is because of the other guests,” Norton said. “They’re trying to outdo each other. And also, it is funny to say something really rude in front of Dame Judi Dench or something.”

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