Justin Bieber couldn’t stop blushing as paparazzi asked him: ‘Are you going to propose to Selena Gomez?’

Justin Bieber was head over heels in love with Selena Gomez, and this old resurfaced video on ‘proposal’ will leave you emotional! Read on.

Justin Bieber has been happily married to Hailey Baldwin since 2018. But if there’s something that’s most talked about besides his songs, it’s his relationship with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. They say, ‘Let bygones be bygones,’ but that’s clearly not the case with Jelena shippers. Scroll below for the latest details!

When Justin Bieber Couldn't Stop Blushing As Paparazzi Asked Him, "Are You Going To Propose To Selena Gomez?"

Selena and Justin began dating somewhere around 2010. They refuted the romance rumors for a very long time. In fact, a statement is viral where Sel refers to her ex-lover as her “little brother.” Despite continuing to put efforts into their on-and-off romance, multiple songs dedicated to each other, and emotional moments in public, Jelena called it quits in May 2018. Within two months, Bieber got engaged to supermodel Hailey Baldwin and tied the knot in September of the same year.

Way before his wedding to Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber was once asked by the paparazzi if he was planning to settle down with his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. In a viral resurfaced video, he was seemingly running for errands when a media person asked him, “Justin, are you going to propose to Selena Gomez? You guys make a really good couple. I see that smile (laughing).”

While Justin Bieber remained tight-lipped, he visibly blushed and couldn’t stop smiling as he sat inside his car. The moment will leave fans emotional because whatever Jelena had was true and relatable!

A user reacted to the video by saying, “I think it was Justin‘s last real smile we’ll ever see again”

Another commented, “That smile… It’s been gone for 5 years”

A Jelena shipper wrote, “He would hv been happier with Selena.”

“Jb was so in love with Selena the pictures, so happy he was with Hailey. He looked broken and unhealthy it sad to see him so unhappy. Hailey, the witch, has a spell on him . Hailey is just a visa,” another commented.

Another wrote, “It’s a shame he wasn’t smiling like that on his wedding day, certainly would’ve made for much better pics. He didn’t even try to fake it! True happiness can’t be faked- he’s miserable.”

While the emotional comments about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s romance may be melting hearts, we’re sad that Hailey Baldwin had to face unnecessary hate yet again!

This isn’t the first time the supermodel has been accused of being the homewrecker. She has previously opened up on the online hate and even admitted that she’s scared to have children because of the same reason!

Selena Gomez is 31 and enjoying her single life. She was last rumored to be dating Drew Taggart, but the romance fizzled out pretty soon.

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