Steve Harvey welcomes 8th grandchild, fans call adorable baby a ‘perfect little angel’

Steve Harvey, the long-time host of Family Feud, is not only known for his sharp comedy and hosting skills but also for being a devoted family man.

At 66 years old, Harvey is a doting husband, father to seven children, and a grandfather to eight grandchildren, with the most recent addition born in October 2023.

Harvey’s family journey began in 1982 when he welcomed twins Brandi and Karli with his first wife, Marcia. Later, during his second marriage to Mary Shackelford (1996 to 2006), he had another son, Wynton. In 2007, Harvey married Marjorie Harvey and became the loving stepfather to her three children, Morgan, Jason, and Lori.

Steve Harvey (L) and wife Marjorie Harvey.

Harvey emphasizes the importance of family, stating that “family is my reason why, I work to leave a legacy and hopefully the world a better place for them.” Despite the challenges of a blended family, the Harveys have created a loving and supportive environment.

As a proud grandfather, Steve Harvey often shares his joy about his grandchildren, stating that they are the reason he wakes up every morning and does what he does. In October 2023, Harvey became a grandfather for the eighth time when his son Jason welcomed a daughter named Luz Aya with his wife Amanda.

Amanda shared the exciting news on social media, expressing her joy and calling Luz Aya “Light & Purity.” The Harvey family, known for its love and unity, received warm wishes and congratulations from fans on the newest addition to their ever-growing family.

Steve Harvey’s commitment to his family and his joy in being a grandfather showcase a different side of the entertainer known for his humor and

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