“Being Herself: Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Facing Criticism for Her Unique Singing Style as a Woman”

Miley Cyrus is standing up for her unique voice and challenging the traditional expectations of female singing. Her recent cover of Metallica’s hit “Nothing Else Matters” allowed her to fully embrace her vocal range and experiment with lower octaves. Cyrus expressed her joy in being able to sing the way she wanted while recording from home instead of adhering to studio standards. In an interview with Lars Ulrich, she described the experience as “free” and “satisfying.”

Living her truth: Miley Cyrus is coming to the defense of her deeper voice and rejecting the notion of singing the 'way that females are

In her latest Interview magazine cover story, Miley Cyrus has spoken out about embracing her unique voice and disregarding societal expectations for how women should sing. The talented artist, now 28 years old, has experienced a lifetime of criticism for her lower vocal range, with producers often pressuring her to use falsetto in order to sound more feminine. Cyrus shared that she has always been questioned about her distinct voice, with people asking why she sounds like a man or why she can no longer hit the high notes of her famous song “Party in the U.S.A.” However, the musician has found solace in singing in her authentic tone and appreciates the opportunity to showcase her deeper register in beloved songs like “Nothing Else Matters”.

Freedom: Having recently covered Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, Cyrus told drummer Lars Ulrich that she felt 'free' performing the hit because, by recording from home instead of a studio, she could sing how she wanted; Miley seen with Lars Ulrich of Metallica in September

Miley Cyrus expressed her sense of freedom while performing Metallica’s popular track “Nothing Else Matters.” She shared her feelings with the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, about how recording from the comfort of her home allowed her to sing the way she wanted. The two were spotted together in September.

Criticism: The 28-year-old musician lamented about being criticized her 'whole life' for her lower vocal register, with producers constantly demanding falsetto out of her because they associated it with femininity

The musician who is 28 years old expressed her frustration about receiving criticism throughout her life due to her lower vocal range. She mentioned how producers would always ask for falsetto from her because they linked it with femininity.

During a recent interview, the singer emphasized the significance of maintaining authenticity in her vocals as singing is her primary mode of self-representation and expression. She revealed that she has encountered numerous individuals who have suggested the involvement of another singer to hit high notes during her performances. She went on to explain that the term ‘falsetto’ originated from Latin, referring to the practice of keeping boys with breaking voices in choirs. According to her, it essentially means ‘false.’

Seeking falsetto: 'My whole life, whether in vocal training or just continuing to hone my craft, it's always been about, 'Why do you sound like a man? Where's your f***ing falsetto, b****? Why can't you sing the high octave of 'Party in the U.S.A.' anymore?' she recalled; Miley seen performing Part In The USA in 2009

In her pursuit of perfecting her vocal skills, Miley Cyrus has always been challenged to find her falsetto. People have questioned why she can’t sing the high octave of “Party in the U.S.A.” anymore and why she sounds like a man. However, Miley embraces who she is and speaks her mind even if it changes tomorrow. She was grateful for the opportunity to not sing the song in the way females are “supposed” to. Miley’s rendition of “Nothing Else Matters” can be found on The Metallica Blacklist tribute album, which features various artists such as Elton John, J Balvin, and Cage The Elephant. In her performance, Miley takes off her gloves and unleashes her vocal prowess towards the end of the song.

Is who she is: 'I am who I am. I say what I mean in the moment, even if that changes tomorrow. I was honored by the fact that I didn't have to sing this song in the way that females are

She embraces her true self: “I am simply me. I express my thoughts honestly at the present moment, even if they alter in the future. It was a privilege for me to not conform to the traditional way females are expected to perform this song,” she shared with the publication.

The particular segment of the melody seems to capture the attention of listeners. It’s when I use my lower vocal range that people really get drawn in, and as a result, I am appreciative to have a tune where I can showcase that aspect of my voice. In November 2019, Cyrus had to undergo a surgery on her vocal cords due to an ailment called Reinke’s edema, which is characterized by the degeneration of one or both vocal folds within Reinke’s space. During a Joe Rogan Experience interview in 2020, Miley revealed that she had noticed a significant alteration in her voice over the course of a year, with the sound taking on a more profound quality.

Authentic: Telling Ulrich that Nothing Else Matters 'means something to me on the deepest level,' Cyrus gushed over the fact she got 'to sing in that low register, and I get to live in that authentic, genuine sound'; seen with James Hetfield of Metallica in September

Sincerely: Cyrus expressed to Ulrich that the song “Nothing Else Matters” holds a significant meaning for her on a profound level. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to sing in a low register and embrace the authentic and genuine sound of the song. In September, she was spotted with James Hetfield of Metallica.

Miley Cyrus paid homage to legendary rock band Metallica by covering their hit song “Nothing Else Matters.” Her rendition was included in the September release of The Metallica Blacklist, a tribute album that also features other artists such as Elton John, J Balvin, and Cage The Elephant.

Changes: During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Miley said that 'over the last year' she 'noticed a really big change to my voice, kind of a heaviness to it.' She had undergone surgery on her vocal cords in 2019 after being diagnosed with a condition called Reinke's edema

Revised: In a recent interview with the Joe Rogan Experience, Miley Cyrus shared that she has noticed a significant change in her voice over the past year. She explained that her vocal cords underwent surgery in 2019 due to Reinke’s edema, a medical condition. Despite experiencing some difficult moments during her recovery, Miley views the surgery as a “gift” because it helped her better understand her voice as an instrument. In other news, Interview magazine unveiled their November cover story featuring Miley, which included a playful photoshoot highlighting the star’s confidence as she posed topless for one shot.

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