Magical Disneyland Trip: Britney Spears Treats Herself to a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream with Sam Asghari and Kids in Tow

Just when we thought she was fully committed to her new diet plan, Britney Spears surprised us with a sweet indulgence on her recent trip to Disneyland with her beau Sam Asghari and two kids. The pop icon was caught on camera relishing a Mickey Mouse ice-cream block, looking happy as ever in her yellow mini dress that radiated summer vibes. While she had recently shared her struggles with losing a stubborn five pounds and managing her health issues, it seems like Britney couldn’t resist treating herself to some deliciousness.

Treat day: Britney Spears was spotted treating herself to a Mickey Mouse ice-cream on Sunday, while at Disneyland with her boyfriend, Sam Ashghari and sons, Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12

Britney Spears had a fun day out with her family and her boyfriend, Sam Ashghari, at Disneyland on Sunday. The singer enjoyed an ice-cream shaped like Mickey Mouse while showing off her legs in a cute outfit. She wore a flirty dress with cap sleeves and a rectangular neckline, paired with tanned colored platform wedges and reflective shades. Britney’s long blonde extensions were styled into loose natural waves as she savored her sweet treat. Her two sons, Sean and Jayden, also joined in on the fun-filled day.

Gorgeous: The mom-of-two styled her long blonde extensions out into loose natural waves while eating her ice-cream

Stunning: While indulging in her ice-cream, the mother of two flaunted her long blonde extensions in effortless, flowing waves.

Cute look: Britney put on quite the leggy display in her flirty ensemble, with her frock featuring cap sleeves and a rectangular neckline

Britney looked adorable in her playful attire as she flaunted her toned legs in a dress with cap sleeves and a rectangular neckline. However, she quickly got back to work after indulging in a treat and pulled her hair up into a high ponytail. Her usual makeup routine made her fair complexion glow. At one point, the wealthy singer was spotted strolling around with a bottle of Sprite and an outdated white iPhone. With an estimated net worth of $215 million, she still enjoys simple pleasures.

Happy days: Britney appeared to be sporting her usual face of makeup over her fair complexion

Britney was seen wearing her usual makeup on her fair skin, looking quite content.

A day to unwind: She was also seen here with one of her two sons as she held hands with her beau

A day of relaxation: She was spotted in the company of her partner, holding hands with one of her sons.

She's just a regular mom: Another moment saw the singer with a $215 million net worth walking around with a bottle of Sprite and an old version of a white iPhone

She could easily be mistaken for a regular mom, but this singer actually has a net worth of $215 million. In one instance, she was spotted casually strolling around with a bottle of Sprite and an older model white iPhone.

During their visit to the theme park, Sam, who has been in a relationship with her for a long time, was seen holding hands with the stunning lady. Sam donned a graphic tee that seemed to be damp, probably due to their experience on Splash Mountain ride. He paired it with navy socks and Gucci sneakers to complete his outfit.

Happiest place on earth: The singer posed with her two sons at the opening of the park

The most joyful destination in the world: The vocalist captured a photo with her two sons during the inauguration of the amusement park.

Casual: Sam rocked a graphic T-shirt and pair of shorts for the warm summer's day

Relaxed: Sam was sporting a cool graphic tee and comfy shorts to beat the summer heat.

VIP service! The family were even provided with a VIP tour guide who walked with them around the theme park

Exclusive treatment! The family enjoyed a special tour with a VIP guide who accompanied them throughout the theme park. Britney’s son, Jayden, also stuck by her side during the outing. Witnesses reported that the famous singer’s group was watched over by four security guards while the VIP guide led them around the park. Afterwards, they were spotted dining at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Fit and toned: Britney showcased her strong frame while walking around Disneyland in a pair of wedges

Love: The mom-of-two walked around hand-in-hand with Sam

Looking fit and healthy, Britney flaunted her well-toned physique during her stroll at Disneyland wearing a stylish pair of wedges.

A lot of help: Not only did she have a Disneyland guide show her around, but she also had four bodyguards with her

Britney Spears had a great time at Disneyland recently, and not only did she have a guide to show her around, but she also had the added protection of four bodyguards. She shared a photo from the day out on social media, expressing her happiness that her teenage sons allowed her to take a picture with them. In her post, she mentioned how much fun she had at the park, even though she got wet on Splash Mountain. Britney was excited that her boys agreed to have their photo taken, as they usually avoid being photographed. She loved being at Disneyland and had a wonderful time there.

Meant to be: Explaining how they first met, she shared: 'We were doing the scene where I was doing the walk scene through the hall to go through the door to go to the bedroom and we were sitting there and waiting and waiting together for like 20 minutes at a time'

Sharing the story of their first encounter, she revealed that they were filming a scene where she had to walk through a hallway and enter a bedroom. They had to wait together for around 20 minutes before shooting the scene. It was clearly meant to be.

A good day: Spears seemed nervous in this photo as she got ready for a ride

In this photo, Spears appears to be anxious as she prepares for a ride. She revealed that they met while shooting a scene where she had to walk through a hallway and enter a bedroom. They were stuck together, waiting for the shot, and this led to them having a conversation and exchanging numbers. After five months, she found his number in her bag and decided to call him. Since then, they have been inseparable and Sam is a fun and funny person. Britney has also confessed that Sam inspires her to be a better person and that she feels incredibly lucky to have him in her life.

Better together: Britney previously confessed Sam inspires her to be better and makes her feel 'like the luckiest girl in the world'. She shared: 'Everyday he inspires me to be a better person and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! (sic)'

Britney has openly expressed that Sam motivates her to become a better person and makes her feel extraordinarily fortunate. In her own words, she said that he encourages her every day to improve herself, which amplifies her sense of gratitude.

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