Miley Cyrus’s Crowd Surfing in Gucci’s Love Parade with Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg ‎

At Gucci’s Love Parade campaign, Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, and Snoop Dogg were caught on camera crowd-surfing in their bras and stockings. This glamorous and indulgent event is filled with top-tier celebrities and embodies Hollywood’s wild side. The campaign’s stylish and carefree video showcases some of the most sought-after celebrities such as Beanie Feldstein, Deng Lun, and Lee Jung-jae. Gucci states that this new campaign captures the modern mythology of cinema through a series of captivating obsessions and desires, transforming the experience into an engaging narrative with unique characters.

The Love Parade campaign from Gucci featured Miley Cyrus who thrilled the crowd by riding on their hands while sporting a Gucci transparent logo bra and thigh-high stockings.

Big Bash: The promotion centers on a lavish event attended by famous personalities, adorned with glitz and indulgence reminiscent of Tinseltown.

The video feature highlights the presence of renowned personalities such as Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, Snoop Dogg, Beanie Feldstein, Deng Lun, and Lee Jung-jae. According to the statement, these stars engage in an exhilarating banquet ritual that culminates in a liberating symposium and the Dionysiac dancing ritual. The video is set to the tune of “Venus in Furs” by The Velvet Underground, and captures Miley’s ecstatic crowd surfing with nothing but Gucci logo bra and thigh-high stockings. The Wrecking Ball singer, who is 29 years old, dons bright yellow slide-on heels on her feet, along with a tiny furry white skirt and matching jacket.

During a performance, the 29-year-old musician known as the Wrecking Ball was spotted wearing vivid yellow slip-on shoes and a fluffy white skirt with a matching jacket as she crowd-surfed.

The image depicts a woman who is sensually licking her fingers after savoring a delicious dessert. She has an air of mystery about her, accentuated by a black mask adorned with crystals and bunny ears. Another snapshot portrays her seated at a restaurant table, still seductively licking her fingers while relishing a piece of Princess cake.
In a separate scene, Jared Leto, the actor from House of Gucci who is 50 years old, was captured on film at a restaurant booth. He donned a purple tuxedo and sported a striking floral boutonniere while pouring sugar into his mouth in a playful manner. The video also featured him dining with a beautiful female companion.

Jared Leto, the famous actor and a brand ambassador of Gucci, was spotted wearing a charming lilac tuxedo and a stunning floral boutonniere. In a relaxed mood, he was seen indulging in some sweet treats by pouring sugar into his mouth while sitting comfortably in a restaurant booth. This snapshot perfectly showcases Leto’s unique and playful personality.

Going out on a romantic evening: The video depicts the male figure seated beside an attractive woman while they relish their meal together.

Snoop Dogg, the 50-year-old rapper, recently wowed the crowd with his Super Bowl performance. He was spotted showing off his moves in slow motion while dressed stylishly in an iridescent green suit and black cowboy hat. To complement his Western outfit, he wore a large burgundy velvet necktie and a pair of oversized orange-shaded glasses with the Gucci logo on the side. Sitting beside him was a stunning beauty sporting cat-eye sunglasses, a blue fur vest, and bright red lipstick on her pout.

After his recent Super Bowl show, the 50-year-old rapper, Snoop Dogg, makes an entrance in a trendy green suit and a black cowboy hat.

With a Western vibe, the author rocks a burgundy velvet tie while sitting beside a gorgeous lady with black locks and stylish cat-eye shades. She looks fabulous in her blue fur vest.

Snoop Dogg is rocking a cool ensemble with his oversized orange-tinted glasses that feature the iconic Gucci logo on the side, adding a touch of sophistication to his overall style. Meanwhile, Beanie Feldstein, the talented actress who happens to be Jonah Hill’s sister, looks absolutely gorgeous in her fitted lilac dress. She perfectly complements her outfit with a stunning silver crown on her head and a matching white purse hanging from her shoulders. In the promotional video, we see Beanie indulging in some pastry and feeding it to a male model during a wild dinner party scene.

Beanie Feldstein, whose real name is Elizabeth Greer, is a well-known personality in the world of acting. Her age is 28 years and she appears strikingly beautiful in a lilac dress that perfectly complements her figure.

Cute: The lovely woman with brown hair graciously shares a pastry with a male model at a lively dinner party.

As he lounges in a cozy green booth, Deng Lun exudes effortless style in his plaid bell-bottom pants and sleek monochrome V-neck sweater. His laid-back vibe is completed with a black cowboy hat topping off his outfit and a light brown leather Gucci bag resting next to his boots, which are casually propped up on the table. Even amidst indulging in a sweet pink dessert, the 29-year-old Chinese actor radiates cool confidence.

Lee Jung-jae, a renowned celebrity at the age of 49, exhibited his smartness in a fashionable way. He was spotted wearing a vintage plaid suit with a dark gold velvet bow tie at the Squid Game event. Along with his classy attire, he carried a brown Gucci bag and looked absolutely stunning while sitting at a different table.

49-year-old actor Lee Jung-jae was seen donning a classic plaid suit paired with a stylish dark gold velvet bow tie, while carrying a sophisticated brown Gucci bag at a nearby table. He appeared lost in thought while sipping on a cocktail and wearing gold-framed glasses. The Italian creative director, Alessandro Michele, who is also 49, shared his vision for the campaign, emphasizing the influence of his mother who instilled a love for beauty in him, as well as his passion for cinema and the creation of myths. Michele explained that the iconic Hollywood Boulevard was chosen as the location for the event due to its unique aura.

A beautiful blond model is captured enjoying the taste of a juicy cherry in one of the eye-catching images featured in the dynamic promotional campaign.

The origin of a campaign’s creative direction was recently discussed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. He revealed that his profound appreciation for beauty, instilled in him by his mother during his upbringing, had a significant influence on the campaign’s inspiration. Michele reflected on his childhood experiences and drew connections between them and the campaign’s aims. To avoid plagiarism, one may choose to express the same ideas using unique sentence structures and vocabulary.

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