OH MY GOD! Miley Cyrus spat water into the audience’s face at the Capital FM Summer Extravaganza event

During the MTV EMA’s in the previous year, she made headlines by lighting up a controversial cigarette while accepting her award. Adding to her streak of surprises, Miley Cyrus astonished her fans once more at the Capital FM Summertime Ball when she took the stage with dancers who were holding enormous ‘spliffs’. Going for maximum shock factor, the 21-year-old playfully pretended to smoke one of the props, which was being carried by Amazon Ashley Adair, alongside other dancers wearing silver nipple covers.

Miley Cyrus showcased a captivating performance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball hosted at the renowned Wembley Stadium. With a unique charm, she confidently embraced a futuristic aura that mesmerized the audience.

Once again stirring up controversy, Miley Cyrus managed to turn heads with her recent attire that bore a striking resemblance to oversized ‘spliffs’. However, this time around, she chose a more modest ensemble, donning a specially tailored outfit by Jeremy Scott for Moschino that exuded a futuristic hippie aura. The ensemble featured a shimmering silver mini skirt and a crop top, decorated with meticulously attached flowers. Embracing the space-inspired theme, Miley completed her look with silver moon boots, which also boasted the same floral design. Without a doubt, Miley continually surprises us with her exquisite and unparalleled fashion choices.

Smoking: Miley jokingly imitated inhaling from a cigarette held by her companion Aмazon Ashley Adair, who sported nipple covers.

In a fun and unexpected turn of events, Sophie Monk, the beloved radio host hailing from Australia, pleasantly surprised her Instagram followers by sharing an exciting photo. The image captured a momentous meeting between Sophie and the incredible Miley Cyrus, where Sophie had the delightful opportunity to learn the art of twerking from the queen herself. This impromptu twerking lesson happened backstage during Miley’s exhilarating concert in the lively city of Antwerp, Belgium.

Sophie couldn’t contain her excitement as she took to Instagram to share her anticipation for the interview, posting a photo outside Miley’s dressing room. To add a touch of drama, she adorned her eyes with striking silver makeup. Throughout the show, she playfully swore and encouraged the crowd to make some noise. In a mischievous act, she even playfully spat water on the audience, all while amusingly claiming that she would stay on stage for as long as possible since it was her first time performing at Wembley. Despite her antics, the crowd erupted in applause as she left the stage accompanied by a dwarf dancer.

During an interview with Capital FM, the talented singer expressed her excitement about her Wembley performance, deeming it a fantastic day. Surprisingly, even with a massive crowd of tens of thousands, Miley remained relaxed and casually mentioned that she didn’t dwell on it too much. In fact, she turned the performance into a family affair by inviting her sister and little brother to join her at the show. Jokingly, she quipped, “If I have to face 80,000 people, y’all have to as well.”

Let’s get grooving: Miley delighted her fans by sharing a collection of videos on her Instagram feed, giving a sneak peek into her electrifying live performance.

The Funny World of Inflatable Fun: Miley Cyrus’ show brought together an array of captivating elements, among which were the delightful appearances of enormous rubber ducks.

Specially made for her: Miley looked absolutely fabulous in a mesmerizing short skirt and a perfectly coordinated top, personally crafted by Jeremy Scott from the renowned fashion house Moschino. She radiated pure elegance as she sported a charismatic silver outfit, effortlessly catching everyone’s attention.

Get ready to groove: Miley lightheartedly swished her cropped hair back and forth, spreading cheer among the onlookers in attendance.

Bold Move: The dancers accompanying Miley Cyrus daringly opted for radiant silver pasties paired with stylishly short bottoms.

Miley was definitely in her own zone with her fashion choices. She made a bold statement at the show by wearing eye-catching moon boots that were embellished with lovely flowers. Her enigmatic aura was maintained as she sported a stylish leather-look dress that had a modest yet fashionable length, extending beyond her knees and featuring long sleeves. Despite the unexpected outfit, Miley couldn’t resist adding her signature touch by sticking out her tongue while posing for photos, a move that has become synonymous with her in recent times. The singer appeared rejuvenated and had a radiant complexion, which could be attributed to her break from the Bangerz tour in Barcelona.

Curiosity piqued, the artist’s irresistible urge led them to delve into the tactile sensations of the nipple covers, resembling glimmering disco balls.

Giving a Peck: Miley Cyrus planted a sweet kiss on the lips of her dancer, who confidently flaunted Madonna-inspired cone-shaped embellishments.

Engrossing: It is undeniable that Miley Cyrus delivered a mesmerizing and slightly provocative show. Currently conquering the stages across Europe for her 24-date Bangerz Tour, Miley has already left a lasting impression in countries such as England, France, and Germany. As with any extensive tour, Miley has faced some hurdles with her performers. Notably, she revealed that one of her DJs was unable to perform at a recent show, which led to a talented lighting employee stepping up as a last-minute replacement.

Taking a breather: Miley mischievously drenched the ecstatic crowd close to the stage with a refreshing burst of water.

Being calm and collected: Miley conveyed her absolute ease when it came to performing in front of a vast crowd.

Celebrate with pure joy: The enthusiastic Miley danced emphatically on the stage.
“One of the individuals in charge of the lighting took the initiative to play DJ. He amusingly pretended to have two security guards who were actually just two other lighting technicians dressed in suits,” she chuckled.
Miley proudly became the first artist to officially announce her participation in this year’s spectacular music extravaganza. She expressed her excitement, stating, “Being able to perform at such a legendary venue is a truly incredible opportunity for me.”
Other talented performers who graced the event included Enrique Iglesias, the popular Australian sensation 5 Seconds Of Summer, and the renowned band Clean Bandit.

Ecstatic: Miley couldn’t contain her excitement as she was given the tremendous chance to showcase her talent at the acclaimed Weмbley Stadiυм.

With her signature passion and charisma, Miley Cyrus once again wowed the crowd with an unforgettable performance. And before she took the stage, the incredibly talented Ellie Goulding, known for her standout Brit Award win, graced us with her presence and treated us to her chart-topping hits like “Burn” and “Goodness Gracious.” The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the attendees embraced the festive spirit, decorating themselves with fluorescent body paint that added a vibrant touch to the evening. And we can look forward to even more thrilling acts, as the upcoming event promises electrifying performances from the likes of David Guetta and Cheryl Cole.

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