Toddler Declares She Is No Longer Speaking To Mimi

In 2015, a toddler Josie was captured throwing an adorable tantrum and explaining why she wouldn’t be talking to “Mimi” anymore.

Kids say exactly what they mean. Josie clearly states the issue she has with one of the adults who is watching her.


In addition to her words, this toddler knows how to express her displeasure. Her face is determined, and her whole body shakes as she wags a pointed finger for emphasis. She also stomps a few times and firmly plants her hands on her hips.

As the crowd listens, they begin asking questions. When asked if she won’t talk to anyone, Josie announces who she will still speak with: Kirsten, KK, and Mamie.

Since there are four women in the room with her, there’s one person Josie isn’t speaking to. In her own words, Josie says, “I’m not talking to Mimi because I’m really upset.”


Why is she upset? If you think that it would take a lot to get a child so upset, you’re right. Mimi used the bad words, “poop away.” As she recounts her experience, Josie admonishes, “It’s not funny, Mimi. I told you.”

Despite her anger, this toddler thinks ahead. In fact, she has a plan for what she’ll do when she gets home to mom and dad. In case you’re wondering, Josie wants to tell her parents, “take a rest,” and then “be upset.”

Perhaps you can relate to Josie through childhood memories or even recent events. Sometimes, we all need to let out a little steam. Chances are you think she’s absolutely adorable. Plan to commiserate with others or celebrate cuteness here or through another social media community.

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