Daisy Kent & Tyler Cameron are Dating – See Pictures-be


Daisy Kent and Tyler Cameron have been spotted on a date and the fans are losing their minds.

Well, we now know why she turned down the Bachelorette!

Here are the pictures of Daisy and Tyler on a date. Click on the link below to see them.

The Bachelor runner up said she is ready for the next chapter in her life and this time around there’s “no more roses, just daisies.”

She shared a lengthy post on Instagram talking about her journey on the show.

“You see the thing about life is you can never be certain what’s coming. How unexpected this whole journey was, but how beautiful it is to look back on.”

“I’ll forever be grateful for the people I met, the places, and the moments that changed my perspective. I believe life is about how we love people, how we embrace our differences, how we can take what we were given and turn it into light. I’ve regained my confidence & found my light again.”

“We are complex beings meaning we are not one thing, one emotion, one simple feeling. Often we are consumed by one emotion, but I think the difficulty lies when we’re consumed by not one but many. I’ve learned you have to feel it all to allow more love in sometimes. Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this journey. The friendships made & the people I met will always make me look back and smile.”

Daisy thanked ABC for “the time of my life” and “helping share my story in such a beautiful way.” She conclude the post with saying there’s “more of the unexpected” in her future.

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