How did Kelsey Anderson’s mother die? ‘The Bachelor’ star gets emotional about her father’s struggle-be

'The Bachelor' Season 28 contestant Kelsey Anderson opens up about her parents on the ABC show (Instagram/ @kelsey_anderson)‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 contestant Kelsey Anderson opens up about her parents on the ABC show (Instagram/ @kelsey_anderson)

AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA: ‘The Bachelor’ star Kelsey Anderson shared with Joey Graziadei on the ABC show that her mother’s death from breast cancer was a significant tragedy for her family.


This revelation brought about a strong emotional moment for Kelsey as she fondly remembered her. Following her mother’s passing, she opened up about growing closer to her father.


“In 2011 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer since then it has moved to her bones and liver,” she wrote on her Instagram in 2017.

She added, “The doctors told her she has 6 months to a year left, but she isn’t giving up she’s doing research and is trying whatever she can, if anyone has any advice or family that has been in this situation please let me know! Also, she has a GoFundMe page in my bio for the trials and travel expensive fees because the insurance won’t cover it. Please pray for my mom.”

'The Bachelor' Season 28 star Kelsey Anderson secures himsef a hometown date (ABC)‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 star Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei get candid about their parents  (@ABC)
During their conversation, Kelsey and Joey also discussed their respective fathers and how they felt about their journey on ‘The Bachelor’.


Kelsey expressed her biggest fear to Joey: the possibility of him not being fully committed to their connection or having to choose between two women at the end of the season. She explained that such a situation would be devastating for her.


However, Joey reassured her that he would not propose unless he was certain about their relationship. Their one-on-one dinner turned out to be a pivotal moment, with Joey describing it as the “best conversation we’ve ever had” in a confessional.


Post the date, it appeared that Kelsey might be a strong contender for Joey’s final rose, signaling that their connection was deepening and making her a potential front-runner in the competition.


Who is Kelsey Anderson’s father?

Kelsey’s father served in the army, and as a result, she spent a significant part of her childhood growing up in Europe, specifically in Germany, on a US military base.

Despite not sharing more details about her father, Kelsey emphasized how he has been her everything since the loss of her mother to cancer.

Speaking about her close bond with her father, Kelsey shared that they have a special connection. She did not delve into specific details but highlighted the importance of their relationship in her life.


She expressed admiration for the love story between her parents and mentioned looking up to it as an inspiration.

Despite facing the challenges of losing her mother, Kelsey finds strength and inspiration in the connection she shares with her father, making their relationship a central and cherished aspect of her life at the moment.


Is Kelsey Anderson winning ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28?

According to Instagram spoilers, it is strongly suggested that Kelsey Anderson is the potential winner of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 and that she is already engaged to Joey Graziadei.

These spoilers indicate that they are currently together in the same safe house, with images on Instagram showing them sharing living space and confirming their engagement.


The Instagram pictures have sparked doubts among fans about the accuracy of Reality Steve’s initial spoilers.

There appears to be a possible discrepancy between the early predictions and the actual events on the show. However, it’s essential to note that nothing has been officially confirmed at this point.
Internet is convinced Joey Graziadei ends up with Kelsey Anderson (ABC) Internet is convinced ‘The Bachelor’ star Joey Graziadei ends up with Kelsey Anderson (@ABC)

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