Jennifer Hudson Reveals Why Erykah Badu Will NEVER Be Invited to Her TV Show-be

The ongoing saga between Erica Badu and Jennifer Hudson has ignited fresh sparks in Hollywood’s gossip mill, with reports swirling about Jennifer dating Erica’s ex, Common. Speculations abound about Erica’s supposed mystical ability to captivate men, leading Jennifer to allegedly ban Erica from her show out of fear that she might lure Common back.

But amidst the drama, Erica remains puzzled by the media’s fixation on her romantic life.

Common, during a guest appearance on Jennifer’s show, hinted at their relationship without explicitly naming her. The rumors about them began in 2012, fueled by their collaboration on the movie “Breathe” and sightings at various events. However, sources close to Common revealed that his relationship with Erica was fraught with discomfort, with him feeling both drawn to and uneasy around her.

Erykah Badu SLAMS Common For CHEATING Women's And Taking Wrong Advantages  of them - YouTube

The allure attributed to Erica, often likened to a spell or mystique, has been openly discussed by several rappers, including Cameron and Glasses Malone. Cameron, in particular, vowed to steer clear of Erica, citing her supposed ability to change men’s personalities after intimacy.

Erica’s studio, affectionately dubbed “Bedio,” is rumored to have seductive powers, with rare instruments adorning the space. She has also revealed unconventional methods, like incorporating ashes from her undergarments into fragrances, further adding to her enigmatic persona.

Despite the rumors and speculation, Erica remains unfazed, jokingly attributing her allure to her choice of headwear. She has even addressed the rumors about her supposed bedroom prowess, stating that her power lies in her mind, not between her legs.

Jennifer Hudson Reveals Why Erykah Badu Will NEVER Be Invited to Her TV Show  - YouTube

The narrative surrounding Erica and Common’s breakup is multifaceted, with Common painting Erica as the one who ended things due to feelings for someone else. Erica, on the other hand, hints at potential infidelity and suggests that men, including Common, have a need to chase.

Common’s subsequent high-profile relationships with other celebrities have fueled speculation about his romantic struggles post-breakup with Erica. Some attribute his challenges to Erica’s supposed mystical influence, while others suggest underlying relationship issues.

In essence, Erica Badu remains an enigmatic figure in Hollywood, with her supposed mystical allure continuing to captivate both fans and media alike. Despite the rumors and drama surrounding her romantic life, Erica remains focused on her artistry and maintaining her mystique. Whether it’s her studio, her fragrances, or her rumored abilities, Erica Badu continues to intrigue and fascinate those who encounter her, leaving a lasting impression that transcends mere celebrity gossip.

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