Kelly Clarkson Goes Makeup-Free, Calls Out John Legend For “Cheap” Bribe-be

Kelly Clarkson / Instagram

NBC’s The Voice is back, and Kelly Clarkson believes that John Legend is already getting crafty about forming alliances with his fellow judges. 

In an Instagram video, Clarkson went makeup-free as she showed off a pizza delivered to her house, curtesy of Legend. Clarkson shared that none of the other judges had received a pizza from the “All of Me” singer. The singer and talk show host ultimately concluded that Legend was trying to form an alliance with her for The Voice. 

“I didn’t hear that he sent pizza to anybody else. I’m just saying, I’m probably his favorite. That’s what I’m saying. He’s trying to form an alliance…It’s a good way to make an alliance with me…sending me food. I’m into it,” Clarkson admitted in the video. 

While the singer thanked Legend for her pizza, Clarkson also called her fellow coach “cheap” for not including a bottle of wine, especially since Legend owns his own Rosé brand.

“When I sent you pizza. Remember that time I sent you pizza? Um, I sent you like, a really nice bottle of wine with it,” Clarkson joked. 

Watch the full video below.

For more on Clarkson and Legend, check out the following video. 


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