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Kevin Hunter, the former-spouse of talk show host Wendy Williams, has not so far shared his wish of marry her again. In an interview, Hunter stated the reasons behind his decision to reunite with Williams.

Hunter said that their previous connection had its conflicts, however he believes that the foundation of their connection is remarkably strong.

He further added that after being together for over 20 years and raising a son, they share a relation that cannot be easily broken. Despite their split, Hunter still hopeful about their future reunion and said that he still loves Williams.
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This revelation comes in the wake of Hunter’s official sorry to Williams for his previous transgressions. In his apology, he showed regret for the pain he caused her during their wedding.

Hunter emphasized that he has learned from his mistakes and showed his willingness to work on their connection. He acknowledged that trust needs to be build again, but he is confident in his commitment to making amends and rebuilding their bond.
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Hunter also said his concerns for Williams’ health and wellbeing. He addressed that he wants to be there for her during hard times and support her in any way possible.

He cited her struggles with addiction and health troubles as factors that have made him reflect on their connection and reassess his priorities.

In conclusion, Kevin Hunter showed his desire to marry Wendy Williams once again, citing their strong relationship and past union.

He acknowledged past mistakes and showed his commitment to working on their connection and re-establishing trust.

Hunter emphasized the priority of personal growth and therapy for both himself and Williams during their time apart.

Eventually, he understands that Williams must be willing to give their wedding another chance and respects her decision to prioritize her own healing mode.

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