‘Looks like he’s stroking out’: ‘American Idol’ Season 22 singer Jack Blocker mocked over ‘weird’ on-stage expressions

Fans of Jack Blocker appreciated his singing skills but also mocked his funny facial expressions

'American Idol' Season 22 contestant Jack Blocker's mocked by fans for his facial expressions (Instagram/@jackforestblocker) ‘American Idol’ Season 22 contestant Jack Blocker’s mocked by fans for his facial expressions (Instagram/@jackforestblocker)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jack Blocker faced ridicule from the internet after being mocked for his facial expressions while singing on ‘American Idol’ Season 22. Fans criticized him, suggesting that he should have better control over his facial expressions, as they found it amusing and distracting. Many commented that his exaggerated facial movements looked funny and detracted from his performances.

Jack Blocker Is More Than His Viral Facial Expressions—He May Be the 'American  Idol' Favorite - American Songwriter

The online backlash focused on Jack’s inability to maintain a composed and natural expression while singing, with some likening his facial contortions to comedic gestures. Critics pointed out that his exaggerated expressions seemed out of place and overshadowed his vocal abilities.


“Jack Forest Blocker does do weird things with his face/mouth when he sings but he’s got a great voice and great original song!” said a user. “Who makes a funnier face on #AmericanIdol top 24, Jack Blocker or Kblocks?” asked another. “Jack Blocker should get a handle on the facial contortions. Looks like he’s stroking out while singing,” one said.




“Jack Blocker is soooo good! But the facial expressions are kinda distracting,” a user added. “Totally agree with the crew mutiny of Jack Blocker. What were Katy and Lionel thinking?! The voice was great, and the song was great. He can work on the facial expressions and stage presence,” suggested another.




Katy Perry calls Jack Blocker’s performance ‘one of his best’

Jack Blocker delivered a heartfelt performance on ‘Rainbow’ by Kacey Musgraves and judges couldn’t stop but praise the singer’s vocals. Katy added, “That was probably the best I’ve seen and heard you. You were relaxed. You were in the pocket.”

She said further, “You know that you are just yourself and you are here to share who you are. I really appreciated the vocal risks that you took because those vocal risks are what’s going to keep propelling you to the next level. And also, the subtleties, the quiet moments, the little flips in your voice, bring all that out and you’ll surprise even me.”

'American Idol' Season 22 contestant Jack Blocker speculated to move to semi-finale (ABC)‘American Idol’ Season 22 contestant Jack Blocker praised by Katy Per (ABC)

Jack Blocker opens up about his mental health struggles

Jack candidly shared on the show that being an artist is mentally taxing for him. Unlike the structured nature of a typical job where tasks are planned and completed within set time frames, Jack finds the creative process to be more challenging. He believes that the epitome of a typical job involves meticulous planning and timely completion of tasks, a standard that he struggles to meet as an artist.


Expressing his frustrations, Jack explains, “Mentally, it’s challenging for me to navigate the trial and error process as an artist.” He highlights the difficulties he faces when days or weeks pass without progress in his songwriting endeavors. Unlike a traditional job where consistent effort yields tangible rewards, Jack laments that there’s no immediate paycheck for his creative pursuits, especially when songs remain unfinished.
'American Idol' Season 22 contestant Jack Blocker speculated to reach semi-finals (Instagram/@jackforestblocker)‘American Idol’ Season 22 contestant Jack Blocker has mental health issues as an artist (Instagram/@jackforestblocker)

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