Mo’Nique Shows RECEIPTS of Tyler Perry FUNDING T.D Jakes’ “After-Church CREEPY Parties”..-be

Mo’Nique, an Academy Award-winning actress, has recently reignited her feud with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, alleging their involvement in her Hollywood downfall.

During an interview on Shannon Sharp’s podcast, Mo’Nique claimed that her refusal to promote the film “Precious” for free, along with omitting Perry, Winfrey, and director Lee Daniels from her Oscar speech, led to her being blacklisted. This feud dates back to 2009 when Mo’Nique starred in “Precious” as the lead character’s abusive mother. Despite winning both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her role, tensions arose behind the scenes regarding promotional appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, where Mo’Nique declined unpaid participation.

In contrast, Tyler Perry made headlines for generously giving out $1 million at The Potter’s House Church, led by Bishop TD Jakes. Perry’s act of philanthropy garnered attention and raised questions about his connection to Bishop Jakes, known for his influential role in both the religious and entertainment realms. TD Jakes, revered for his powerful oratory skills and charismatic presence, has built a vast following through his church, The Potter’s House, in Dallas, Texas.

Despite his prominence, Bishop Jakes faced controversy over his alleged involvement in Diddy’s wild parties and recent accusations of inappropriate behavior, including allegations made by TikTok influencers.

7 MINUTES AGO: Mo'Nique Shows RECEIPTS of Tyler Perry FUNDING TD Jakes' “After  Church CREEPY Parties - YouTube

Moreover, Bishop Jakes’ son, Germaine Donald Jakes, found himself entangled in a scandal involving indecent exposure during a gay sting operation. Despite being listed as an employee of TD Jakes Ministries, Germaine’s arrest contradicted his father’s outspoken views on marriage and relationships. Bishop Jakes has faced criticism for his opposition to same-sex marriage, further exacerbated by his son’s involvement in the scandal.

The situation escalated when Manasseh Jordan, a former mentee of Bishop Jakes, alleged that victims of abuse by Bishop Jakes were preparing to sue him. Jordan’s claims added fuel to the fire, casting a shadow over Bishop Jakes’ reputation and ministry.

Revealed: MoNique's Explosive Truth About TD Jakes & Tyler Perry -  Unfiltered & Raw! - YouTube

The allegations against Bishop Jakes have sparked outrage and prompted discussions about his credibility and moral authority. While Bishop Jakes has vehemently denied the accusations, the controversy surrounding him and his ministry continues to grow.

The timing of these allegations, coupled with Bishop Jakes’ son’s scandal, has intensified scrutiny and raised questions about his integrity and leadership. As the investigation unfolds and more victims come forward, Bishop Jakes faces mounting pressure to address the allegations and restore trust in his ministry.

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