SHOCKING Live Twitter Reactions after Jenn was Announced as The Bachelorette-be

ABC announced it’s first Asian lead on the 22nd anniversary of the first episode of The Bachelor.

Jenn Tran has been named the leading lady of “The Bachelorette” Season 21.


“I can say that our next bachelorette is someone who is intelligent. She’s witty, she’s fun, and she’s super kind. And personally, I want to see a lot more of her and I can only hope that out of this experience that she’s getting ready to embark on that she really does find true love,” Charity said on live t.v before announcing that Jenn as the next season’s Bachelorette.

And of course there were mixed reactions from the Bachelor Nation.

Here are the live tweets from Monday night’s live finale after Jenn was announced as the next lead.






Let’s make it a thing!









Did she though?














Tyler Cameron still deserve a season of his own!
























Some fans have since gone on to show a lot of support for Jenn as the lead.

“I know everybody wanted Maria as Bachelorette, as did I, but I know Jenn will make an incredible Bachelorette. Please remember that she is a person also deserving of love and even if Maria was your number one choice, it doesn’t make it okay to hate on Jenn. She can see what we say and she doesn’t deserve any hate at all!! Let’s support all the girls girls from this season cuz it wasn’t just Maria,” a Redditor commented.

“We don’t know what happened or why but that doesn’t mean we should be publicly announcing our disappointment. If there’s one thing we have learned from this season it should be that (almost) every woman from this season is deserving of being Bachelorette and we should be happy for whoever that is, especially Jenn because she is bright, beautiful, and a GIRLS GIRL”

“All the people whining about jenn are going to be singing a different tune once they see her season. this girl has game and she’s about to make these dudes run in circles for her. it’s going to be a dramatic season. and i believe that jenn is ready for love so it will be a romantic season as well. i am so excited and happy for jenn,” a Bachelor fan commented.



“Honestly, the lead doesn’t really make the show. We’ve had plenty of boring leads. They are all coached and say the same exact lines. It’s more about the casting around the lead. With that being said, I’m happy for Jenn. I could tell at WTA she was a contender.”

“Reminder that people were widely bummed when Hannah Brown was chosen as Bachelorette. They thought she was going to be a boring pagent girl. She ended up being hands down the most entertaining Bachelorette to date imo,” another fan wrote.

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