‘The Voice’ coach Reba McEntire criticized for poor song choices for singers, fans claim she’s there for ‘publicity’-be

Reba McEntire Joins 'The Voice' as Coach for Season 24
Reba McEntire gets criticized due to her coaching on ‘The Voice’ Season 25 (Instagram/@reba)

She joins a distinguished panel of judges on the beloved singing show, including iconic musician John Legend, dynamic duo Dan + Shay, and talented artist Chance the Rapper.

On the other hand, Reba’s coaching on ‘The Voice’ has sparked skepticism among some of her fans. They perceive her involvement on the show as primarily for entertainment purposes rather than a genuine commitment to guiding and mentoring aspiring artists.

A Reddit user penned, “Reba is just there for fun lol.” Followed by a user who shared, “Reba is there for the publicity. She starts her new show shortly. What bothers me about the show is that you rarely hear anything from winners after the show. Doesn’t seem like coaches make any kind of effort to further the careers of the singers.”

Another user wrote, “That is really cool. She seems like such a sweet person, but also just doesn’t seem like she is as competitive as the other judges. At the end of the day though, the successful artists that have been on the Voice aren’t necessarily the winners anyways. Reba might be able to do more for their careers just being her caring, sweet self than winning the show.”

One user said, “yes i agree w you on this. all she does is say “you’re cute as a button” and focuses too much on stage presence rather than improving vocal skills.”

Another user posted, “Agree. And not with your reason, but with the general observation. Her insights and sensitivity as a coach are lacking. The question of sensitivity may be just a different way of saying that she makes wrong song selections, but her understanding of these team members isn’t notable. And she was paid way more than her fellow coaches — which apparently has been noticed. I like John and Chance though — they do a really good job.”

Reba McEntire squashed rumors of her accidental death back in 2012 (Tyler Golden/NBC)Reba McEntire is one of the judges on ‘The Voice’ Season 25 (@Tyler Golden/@NBC)

Is Reba McEntire leaving ‘The Voice’?

By the end of February 2024, rumors swirled that Reba McEntire might depart from NBC’s show ‘The Voice.’

Feeling compelled to address and quell the speculation, the 68-year-old country music icon took to the online platform X, formerly recognized as Twitter, to put an end to the swirling rumors surrounding her potential departure from the show.


“Please do not click on any articles that say I am leaving The Voice. This is not true.These are fake websites to lure people in with clickbait where they claim I have a company to sell weight loss gummy products. This is false. I do not sell or promote any type of gummy product,” Reba wrote at that time.


When did Reba McEntire join ‘The Voice’?

Reba McEntire’s highly anticipated debut as a coach on the popular reality singing competition, ‘The Voice,’ occurred in 2023. Her entrance into the show came after Blake Shelton, a longtime coach, decided to step down from his role.

Before her official entry as a coach, Reba had already graced the show as a celebrity mentor on multiple occasions, leaving a lasting impression on both the contestants and the viewers.

At the moment, Reba fulfills the role of a judge on the twenty-fifth season of the popular singing competition show, ‘The Voice’, where she is joined by esteemed coaches Chance the Rapper, John Legend, and the dynamic duo Dan + Shay.

Reba McEntire becomes a coach for 'The Voice' Season 24 (NBC)

Reba McEntire joined ‘The Voice’ in 2023 after Blake Shelton’s exit (@NBC)

How much does Reba McEntire get paid for ‘The Voice’?

Reba McEntire is taking home a whopping amount for being a judge on NBC’s singing competition ‘The Voice.’ “Reba is getting around $13 million a season and that is the higher end of the fee range for talent – and a very substantial sum,” a source has told The US Sun.

The source further added, “It’s understood there is no room for that figure to rise, so very quietly behind the scenes private talks are taking place with agents and talent about those deals.” Despite only being on the show for a mere two seasons, Reba is already being rewarded with an exceptionally substantial salary.

'The Voice' Season 25 coach Reba McEntire picked Josh Sanders (X/@NBCTheVoice)‘The Voice’ Season 25 coach Reba McEntire reportedly earns $13 million from the NBC show (X/@NBCTheVoice)
‘The Voice’ Season 25 airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm and 9 pm ET respectively. The episodes will be available on Peacock on demand the next day. The streaming site also includes entire episodes from the show’s prior seasons.

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