‘The Voice’ fans speculate Reba x Beyonce collab after coach compares 70s career to Beyonce’s ‘If I Were a Boy’

‘The Voice’ fans predict Beyonce x Reba McEntire collab after coach relates ‘If I Were a Boy’ to her iconic 70s career

'The Voice' Season 25 fans predict Beyonce x Reba McEntire collab after coach praises pop star's song (Instagram/beyonce/NBC)‘The Voice’ Season 25 fans predict Beyonce x Reba McEntire collab after coach praises pop star’s song (Instagram/beyonce/NBC)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: Beyoncé fans are abuzz with speculation that Reba McEntire might make an appearance on her upcoming album, following a recent event on ‘The Voice’ where a Beyoncé song was assigned to the first Battle on Tuesday, March 26th. As preparations for the Battle commenced, fans quickly took to social media to express their enthusiasm for a potential collaboration.


On Tuesday night, Elyscia Jefferson of Team Reba went head-to-head with Ashley Bryant. Despite their contrasting musical backgrounds, both contestants were ecstatic to be part of the Queen of Country’s team.

Reba McEntire shares her love for Beyoncé's 'If I Were a Boy' on 'The Voice' Season 25 (NBC/Instagram/beyonce)Reba McEntire shares her love for Beyoncé’s ‘If I Were a Boy’ on ‘The Voice’ Season 25 (@NBC/Instagram/@Beyonce)

Reba chose a rendition of Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy,” explaining that she resonated with the song’s message as she navigated what she described as a “man’s world,” having had to assert herself to earn respect.

Reba chose to increase the key a half step during rehearsals because she felt both performers were experimenting with the melody too much. “It’s a rangey song, you can’t half-sing it,” she said.


Excited fans took to X and wrote, “that Reba x Beyoncé announcement is loading, and it’s gonna be on reds birthday…” Another user chimed in,  “we’re only hoping!”




Among fans, one also wrote about the potential collab, “I hope so!” A fourth user wrote, “I can’t believe @Beyonce gave approval for them to sing “If I Were A Boy” on @NBCTheVoice! Only for Queen @reba.”



Some fans got emotional smelling the potential collab, “REBA CHOOSING BEYONCÉ!!!! OH THAT COLLAB IS COMING!!!!! “I LOVE BEYONCÉ”.” Another user posted, “Reba said she loves Beyonce!! Told y’all the country queens got her back.”


Who won ‘The Voice’ Battle between Elyscia Jefferson and Ashley Bryant?

Chance the Rapper likened the stage performance to witnessing Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey singing “When You Believe,” acknowledging it as a showdown that did justice to the music. He leaned towards favoring Elyscia due to her stage presence. Dan + Shay claimed they both nailed it, but Elyscia may have the finest voice control in the entire competition.


According to John Legend, Elyscia showcased “cool stylistic choices,” while Ashley’s notes “rang through the room.” John expressed that, in his opinion, Ashley delivered the standout vocal performance in this battle. Reba praised both for taking on this tough song, but Ashley was the clear winner. Reba selected Ashley because she is always growing and very coachable. Elyscia returned home sooner than planned.


Reba McEntire slammed for pick

Viewers of ‘The Voice’ enjoy various aspects of the show, from the coaches’ entertaining banter to the contestants’ fearless performances. However, for many, the most enjoyable part is second-guessing the panel’s selections.

As the Battles ended on Tuesday evening, fans engaged in plenty of second-guessing. Among the four face-offs, it was Elyscia and Ashley’s battle where fans disagreed the most with the coaches.

Reba McEntire slammed as 'The Voice' Season 25 coach saves Ashley Bryant sending Elyscia Jefferson home (NBC)Reba McEntire slammed as ‘The Voice’ Season 25 coach saves Ashley Bryant sending Elyscia Jefferson home (NBC)
On X, fans complained, “Elyscia slayed that song. But, of course, meemaw goes with the country singer.” Another user said, “Aw Reba .. @ElysciaSings should have won … super disappointed.”



One fan wrote, “Nooooooooooo Reba!!! Lord Lord Lord. smh.” A fourth user sighed, “Elyscia was so good. But I knew Reba would pick Ashley.”


Further accusations from fans include, “Elyscia was good but @reba chose Ashley because she’s a country singer. Remember both @reba and @DanAndShay prefer country singers over pop/Latin music. Seen before with @blakeshelton seasons 1-23 or Shakira S4 & 6.” “What? I don’t understand how Reba could not choose Elysian! She was the much stronger singer,” wrote another.


Who is on Team Reba after ‘The Voice’ Season 25 Battles?

The Battles for ‘The Voice’ Season 25 have come to a close! Except for the fortunate (or, you know, talented) contestants who scored either a Steal from one of the other coaches or the coveted Playoff Pass from their coach, and will go past the Knockouts directly to the Playoff Round, our coaches have teamed up their ten artists for some outstanding duets, and we’ve seen some contestants end their journeys.


Tae Lewis

L Rodgers

Asher HaVon

Justin and Jeremy Garcia

Zeya Rae

Josh Sanders

Ashley Bryant

‘The Voice’ Season 25 airs on NBC at 8 pm on Mondays and 9 pm on Tuesdays. The episodes will be available on Peacock on demand the next day. The streaming site also includes entire episodes from the show’s prior seasons.

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