‘The Voice’ Season 25 fans call coaches ‘unhinged’ as Reba McEntire boos John Legend for blocking her steal

‘The Voice’ fans were giggling up as they witnessed Reba McEntire boo her fellow celebrity coach John Legend

Reba McEntire 'boos' John Legend following his bold move in 'The Voice' Season 25 (@NBC)

Reba McEntire ‘boos’ John Legend following his bold move in ‘The Voice’ Season 25 (@NBC)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: ‘The Voice’ Season 25 fans were in stitches on March 18 when Reba McEntire “booed” her fellow celebrity judge John Legend onstage after thwarting her steal and sending Bryan Olesen straight to the playoffs.


Battles started on ‘The Voice’, as hopefuls gave it their all, leaving judges with the difficult decision of whom to send home.


Nathan Chester and Bryan’s electrifying rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” duet made the decision extremely difficult. The twist on the traditional heartache ballad left judges in amazement, leaving John with the hard task of choosing one of the great singers to go home.

Following the performance, cameras focused on celebrity judges Reba McEntire, Dan + Shay, and Chance The Rapper, who were invited to share their opinions on who won the singing contest.

All the stars expressed their compliments for the brilliant couple, with Reba raving, “Oh my gosh, it was powerful; your choreography was flawless, Bryan – I love your style. It’s a little quirky, and that’s what I loved about it. Nathan: Powerhouse.”

While the judges provided no criticism for John to make his judgment, he finally chose to send Nathan to the next round. While Bryan was beginning to understand that it was time to pack his bags and return home, Reba and Dan + Shay utilized their one and only steal of the season to sign Bryan to their teams.

But before the judges could make their case for why Bryan should join their crew, John suddenly stopped them and handed Bryan his playoff pass, advancing the star to the competition’s playoff round.

This ruling from John left judges astonished, with Dan + Shay wondering, “Is this legal?” Chance The Rapper exclaimed, “This is must-see TV,” while Reba booed and shot a thumbs down to her fellow judge.
Reba McEntire 'boos' John Legend after his surprising move on 'The Voice' Season 25 Battle (Instagram/reba/johnlegend) Reba McEntire ‘boos’ John Legend after his surprising move on ‘The Voice’ Season 25 (Instagram/@reba/@johnlegend)

‘The Voice’ Season 25 fans react to Team Reba x Team John Battle

The on-screen scene had fans laughing as they turned to X to share their reactions to Reba’s legendary remark.

One fan wrote, ““Booooo” LMAOSDK.” Another chimed in, “Will be clipping that “booooo ” expeditiously.” Further calling the moment unhinged one viewer wrote, “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, could the coaches and the season get more unhinged than ever?” A fourth fan coined the moment saying, “Now that’s a battle!”


Who is Bryan Olesen on ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

Bryan’s route to chasing his musical goals included a variety of odd jobs until he accepted an unexpected invitation to join the rock band Newsboys as their guitarist for an international tour.


He eventually focused on his own band, VOTA, and used their music to connect with and support a variety of issues, including victims of school shootings and the battle against human trafficking.

The band took action by producing records to support an organization’s campaign, and as a result, they raised over $180,000 to build border crossings in Nepal and save the lives of approximately 700 women. Despite suffering a difficult divorce after 24 years of marriage, Bryan saw it as a turning point in his life.


He views it as a chance to make a difference at over 50 years old, with renewed independence and resolve.
'The Voice' contestant Bryan Olesen is in a band called VOTA (YouTube/The Voice)‘The Voice’ contestant Bryan Olesen is in a band called VOTA (YouTube/@nbcthevoice)

Who is Nathan Chester on ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

Nathan was raised by his single mother since the age of three and did not see much of his father as he got older. Despite his father’s occasional participation in his childhood and the delayed introduction to his half-siblings on his father’s side, Nathan has worked tirelessly to establish relationships with his entire family.

His brother, Michael, sparked his interest in playing the guitar and singing as a youngster, and in high school, his closest friend introduced him to musical theater as his passion for performance increased.

Nathan currently works as a professional singer on cruise ships, which allows him to travel to various destinations across the world.

Nathan met his partner, Emily, while working on the same cruise. Destiny brought them together on the same cruise ship two years later, igniting a relationship between them.


They now want to grow their company by developing numerous performances just for cruise lines.
Nathan Chester is speculated to win 'The Voice' Season 25 Battles (NBC)Nathan Chester impressed in ‘The Voice’ Season 25 Battles (@NBC)
‘The Voice’ Season 25 airs on NBC at 8 pm on Mondays and 9 pm ET on Tuesdays. The episodes will be available on Peacock on demand the next day. The streaming site also includes entire episodes from the show’s prior seasons.

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