“A Thing of Beauty”: Gabbie Marshall Steals Caitlin Clark’s Thunder in Solid Start Against Colorado

The Iowa Hawkeyes locked horns with the Colorado Buffaloes in their Sweet Sixteen clash. The game was interesting since it was a rematch of the Sweet Sixteen clash from last year when the Iowa had trumped the Buffaloes.
This time too the Hawkeyes looked in full swing especially when their guard Gabbie Marshall made the first three pointer of the game.

The Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark made a two point jumper and with 9:24 minutes left in the first half to end, Marshall made the three pointer. This had the fans excited since the three-pointer queen hadn’t opened her three-pointer account but Marshall did it with grace.

A fan mentioned the role of Gabbie Marshall in the game stating, “Gabbie Marshall so important to this team. She really keeps them calm”. This was in reference to Clark who had taken up the role of an alpha for the team. While Clark dominated with her fierce aggression, Marshall was more on the calmer side and a team needs both kind of players.

Another fan wrote, “I am Gabbie Marshall’s number one fan”. Sure Marshall has enchanted a lot of Hawkeyes fans into following her after starting off her performance on a high note tonight. A perfect commencement to the wonderful performance.

While one user commented, the gabbie marshall 3 is a thing of beauty.” There is no denying that Clark has dominated with her exceptional performances. But the truth is that Marshall too has been playing a supporting role for her team which cannot be ignored.

One went as far as saying, “I watch for Gabbie Marshall.” While it may not be fair to pitch both the players together since Clark and Marshall have played different roles in different styles, the Hawkeyes have gained a lot of followers due to Clark’s record breaking performances. But this might come across as a great compliment for Marshall that fans take notice of her too.

Another fan gave equal weightage for Clark and Marshall. He was quick to acknowledge both their roles. Clark though has majorly played the role of alpha but has been great even with her passing and assisting.

She has been the complete player that the Hawkeyes needed. Marshall to hasn’t let the fans face away from the Hawkeyes and has been a monumental pillar of strength.

How did game go?

With Marshall’s three pointer the scoreboard read 5-1 and the Hawkeyes were 4 points ahead of their opponents. Next Jaylyn Sherrod made a layup to take the score to 5-3.

The Hawkeyes decimated their opponents in both the quarters. While in the first one the Hawkeyes smashed 22 points in comparison to the Colorado’s 14, during the next quarter the Hawkeyes potted 26 points in response to Colorado’s 21. Overall, the Lisa Bluder-team dominated with a 48-35 tally.

Sure Marshall and Clark both will bedazzle the evening with their games and hopefully for the Hawkeyes’ fans their team might emerge victorious in the decisive contest.

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