A’ja Wilson makes a strange request about Caitlin Clark: Put your money where your mouth is

The new Indiana Fever star has received some encouraging support.

A'ja Wilson makes a strange request about Caitlin Clark: Put your money where your mouth is

Caitlin Clark’s ascent to the WNBA has triggered a wave of new fans watching the sport and A’ja Wilson has stressed the importance of backers keeping up their investment.

The 22-year-old, who broke numerous records in the NCAA with the Iowa Hawkeyes including the all-time points scoring record, has signed for the Indiana Fever as she begins her professional career.

All eyes will be on Clark when she makes her debut in the 2024 season, and Wilson – who plays for the Las Vegas Aces – has underlined how crucial it is for fans to dip into their pockets to keep the hype at a high level.

“I hope this isn’t just a trend. I feel like we see it a lot with young athletes, like, ‘Oh my, we love her. We want to do this,'” the WNBA champion said.

“Then, the minute it kind of shifts, or her path is a little rocky, all that goes away. I feel like that’s when it’s needed most. That’s when it’s an investment.”

Addressing what supporters could do to help, Wilson added: “Continue to invest in it. Buy that jersey. Go to that game. Take someone else. Put your money where your mouth is and invest in these women.”

WNBA on the rise

It’s not just Clark who has contributed to a rise in the profile of women’s basketball. Young risers such as Angel Reese and Aaliyah Boston have brought with them a huge fanbase due to their profile on and off the court.

And Wilson thinks it’s a good time to be a WNBA player because her sport is finally on the rise after years of watching the NBA dominate the popularity contest.

“I feel like it’s becoming amazing actually, because now I feel like, because I play it, and I’ve been in it, and now I’m seeing everyone else watching,” she said.

“I feel like that’s when it’s needed the most. That’s when the investment, the support, is needed. I pray that is not a trend, it’s a movement that is heading to the right direction.”


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