Angel Reese had no idea what seed LSU got until Kim Mulkey shocked her with the truth: Caitlin Clark will be there

One of the biggest shocks of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament bracket reveal was that the LSU Tigers, defending national champions, only managed a No. 3 seed.

In fact, it was so much of a surprise that overconfident star player Angel Reese didn’t seem to think it was even a possibility.

The cameras were trained on Reese at the LSU bracket reveal and caught her reaction at the exact moment that coach Kim Mulkey humbled her with the truth.

Kim Mulkey had to break the bad news to Angel Reese on Selection...

As they watched the bracket reveal, Reese could be seen gesturing to Mulkey and teammate Hailey Van Lith that LSU was definitely a No. 2 seed.

“No, we’re a 3-seed,” Mulkey corrected her star player, who she had suspended from the team back in November.

The Bayou Barbie’s smile was quickly wiped off her face as she peered up at the Jumbotron and realized the cards she’d been dealt by the NCAA.

Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark paired in same region

With a strong team like LSU falling to the 3-line, it created a stacked region that includes No. 2 seed UCLA and No. 1 seed Iowa, the team led by Caitlin Clark on a mission to avenge its loss to LSU in last year’s national championship game.

Angel Reese set to return, but burning questions remain for LSU - ESPN

Some experts criticized the NCAA Selection Committee for giving Iowa such a tough region despite earning the No. 1 seed, arguing that there are too many potential pitfalls in the way of Clark making it to the Final Four, which would be great for the sport and the TV ratings.

LSU will feel the same way, in reverse. After finishing second-place behind undefeated South Carolina in both the SEC regular season and the SEC tournament, the defending champions put together a great campaign but still could not crack the top eight teams in the country.

Now, they could match up with Pac-12 juggernaut UCLA in the Sweet 16, only to be rewarded with a game against the vengeful Hawkeyes in the Elite 8.

That’s only if they can oust 6-seed Louisville, Van Lith’s old team, who come into the Baton Rouge regional with their own taste for comeuppance. Some path to the Final Four for the team that won it all in 2023.

LSU has done it before

The good news for the Tigers? They will still host a home regional in Baton Rouge for the first weekend, and Last-Tear Poa is back with the team from injury.

Of course, there is one other fact that Clark, South Carolina and the rest of NCAA would be wise to remember: LSU won it all as a No. 3 seed last season.

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