Angel Reese’s Rumored ‘Ex’ Beau Proudly Proclaims His Successful Journey Before Backtracking on IG

Uncertainties have hit Angel Reese’s rumored ex Cam’Ron Fletcher’s life like anything.

Ever since the two parted ways on social media, the news of their alleged breakup has been circling in full force. The two in a recent past took some time off to spend their Christmas holidays in New York City.

They dressed up, walked the streets, took pictures, and celebrated their love. Moreover, Angel was an unwavering support for Cam’Ron when he sustained a recurring injury and also when he went into surgery, she was always there. But then all of a sudden it’s poof, gone!

They don’t seem together anymore, and if they are, then there is no evidence of it within their fans’ reach. “Elevation requires separation,” were the words written by the 21-year-old Florida State’s Guard that fueled all these speculations. Since then, Fletcher has been dropping cryptic messages now and then, keeping the hearsay alive.

Cam’Ron Fletcher feeling gullible

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“I didn’t ask no one for assistance because I did it myself,” wrote Cam’Ron on his recent Instagram stories, indicating he is a successfully self-made athlete. However, minutes after uploading the post, the injury-stricken guard took it down.

He was recently flaunting his NIL success and then emphasizing that” “money doesn’t buy happiness”. Notably, his season-ending injuries have kept him out of action. However, it is refreshing to look back on how he came up in the realm of basketball.

Fletcher had had an eventful journey. The 6’7″ guard established himself as one of the top and most dynamic players in the ACC and overall.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, he began playing basketball in 5th grade and from then on progressed at a steady pace. In 2020, he graduated from Vashon High School in St. Louis and received offers from prestigious colleges attributing to his outstanding performance in high school.

He played the 2020-21 season at the University of Kentucky as a freshman. Then he transferred to Florida State University and since then has been an integral part of the team. In 2022-23, Fletcher emerged as Florida State’s second-leading scorer and rebounder who played 10 games. That season, he averaged 10.8 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game, while shooting with a field goal percentage of 39.4%.

Fletcher has achieved a double-double twice in his college basketball career. His first one was when he scored 16 points and grabbed 10 rebounds against North Carolina as a sophomore, and the second time was when he contributed 15 points and 10 rebounds against Troy as a junior.

In two years, Fletcher has sustained two season-ending injuries on the same spot and around the same day, leaving him with two more seasons of eligibility. With March Madness to be on the rise, the season is about to be concluded in a few weeks, and by the time the next season comes, Cam’ron will be there to reign the court for good.

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Given his blossoming prowess in basketball, let’s explore why he wears a particular number up his sleeves.

No.21, why he wears it?

Notably, the number 21 holds a specific place in Fletcher’s heart as it is the only number he has ever worn and carries a personal meaning to him. In simple words, he identifies himself with it.

Moreover, wearing the jersey allows him to honor the experiences and memories he has associated with the number.

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His choice of No.21 also pays homage to Michael Snaer, who was a Seminole legend. Snaer was known for his clutch game-winning shots while he donned the same number during his time at Florida State. And, now that Fletcher has taken over the jersey number, he indeed continues the iconic legacy with that jersey.

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