Basketball Pros Steph Curry and Cameron Brink Have Known Each Other for Years

Steph Curry and Cameron Brink are godsiblings, and their parents have known one another for decades.

Steph Curry holding a basketball with a young Cameron Brink.

Although they don’t compete in the same league, Steph Curry and Cameron Brink have both been in the headlines throughout April 2024.

Steph and the Golden State Warriors were just eliminated from playoff contention after losing in the Play-In tournament, and Cameron was drafted second overall for the WNBA.

Amid both players making headlines, some fans have been wondering what the relationship is between Steph and Cameron. While Steph has more than a decade of professional basketball on Cameron, the two have actually known each other for years.

What is the relationship between Steph Curry and Cameron Brink?

Steph and Cameron go back about as far as two people can go and are godsiblings. Steph’s mother Sonya is Cameron’s godmother, and the two know each other in large part because their families are friends.

Michelle Bain-Brink, Cameron’s mom, played basketball at Virginia Tech at the same time that Sonya was playing for the school’s volleyball team. The two became close friends in college and were eventually roommates.

Cameron and Steph’s fathers were teammates on the Virginia Tech basketball team. In fact, Steph’s father Dell that helped Cameron get interested in basketball when she was younger.

Cameron explained that she “wasn’t really into sports at all” when she attended Dell’s basketball camp. After seeing what the camp was like, she decided to commit herself more fully to basketball.

Steph and Cameron still support one another to this day, even though Steph is now one of the biggest stars in the NBA.

When Cameron was drafted into the WNBA, Steph posted a video offering his support, and his mother was in attendance to help cheer Cameron on. While Cameron’s career is just getting started, it’s clear that there’s still plenty of love between the two of them.

When Cameron was on her way to college at Stanford in 2021, Steph said that he felt he didn’t need to offer her any advice.

“To see her in college, I know she’s gonna keep getting better, honestly,” Steph explained at the time. “I don’t really have to tell her much now. She’s kind of off and running, so it’s been awesome to watch.”

Steph Curry is a godparent to Lindsay Lohan’s child.

In addition to being a godsibling, Steph is also a godparent. Steph’s wife, Ayesha, is great friends with Lindsay Lohan, so much so that Steph and Ayesha agreed to be godparents to Lindsay and Bader Shammas’s son, Luai.

Lindsay first announced the news during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Ayesha and Lindsay apparently met through Lindsay’s husband Bader, who was originally from Dubai. The two were connected through a chef who is one of Bader’s friends and he knew Ayesha.

“(Ayesha) happened to be coming to Dubai, and we met, and we just clicked, right off the bat,” Lindsay explained. The rest, as they say, is godparent history.

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