Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese’s WNBA Draft Attires Get Judged by Notable Columnist

This year’s WNBA draft was proof that this batch was made to rule the world, both on the floor and outside of it. Angel Reese brought out her ultimate game to the orange carpet, freezing the audience with her enchanting dress.

Caitlin Clark too did not stay behind. In fact, continuing breaking and making records, she dressed up in Prada from top to toe. Something the luxury brand has never done.

Previously, the draftees had to strictly stick with formal looks. However, when given the choice to represent themselves, the 2024 batch blew the BMA ceilings off. Hence, after the exhilarated fans, it is time for the fashion experts to pick their brains.

Journalist, podcaster and the author of the critically acclaimed ‘Black Widow’ Leslie Gray Streeter shared her thoughts on the Orange Carpet looks. Discussing Clark’s expensive look, the author said, “Caitlin did something different. She looked amazing.”

What captured Gray’s attention was Clark’s hair. Talking about the beautiful hairstyle, she said, “Her hair looked amazing. I was like is it a silk press? Do white girls get silk presses? What are we doing?” Evidently, Clark’s hair shone as bright as her name in the event.

Caitlin Clark bragged Prada all over the event with a whitish shirt jacket and a skirt. She also wore a little glittery silver midriff top. The 2x National POY completed her look with a black handbag, black shoes, and matching sunglasses from Prada. Streeter was simply impressed by her simple looks as despite bringing such class to the event, Clark was being herself.

Gray gave heartfelt compliments to the generational talent who has completely transformed women’s college basketball. But she did not miss out on the Bayou Barbie. In fact, Reese’s unorthodox fashion left the columnist in awe.

With Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese charms Streeter

Complimenting her home girl Angel Reese in her humorous knack, Gray said, “There was a video of her gliding past the metal detectors. I’m surprised she didn’t set them off.” She further complimented the former Lady Tiger saying, “I thought she did a ‘feminine moment’ but with a lot of drama. She is very much herself.”

Apparently, when Streeter saw the Sky’s No. 5, she had the Thunder Dome song playing in her head. She also said that the Baltimore native looked like the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” — Tina Turner. Angel Reese fashioned a piece by Bornx and Banco.

The journalist further said that the chain mail-esque dress with a hint of mysteriousness from the hood made her beauty stand out. Apart from the two icons of women’s college basketball, all others channeled their inner personas for the 2024 WNBA draft.

These ladies do not get a chance to really showcase their true sides in front of the camera. Many of the times, they are in their uniforms, representing their teams. However, it is quite refreshing to see that this entire bunch was all fierce and distinct, all at the same time on their special day. What do you think about these unique attires?

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