Caleb Williams Sends A Four-Word Message After Breaking a Record Set By Caitlin Clark

Caleb Williams Feels Proud Of His Fans After Breaking a Record Set By Caitlin Clark Last Week.

Caleb Williams Shows Off His Draft Day Outfit With a Hint of Chicago in It After Getting Drafted

DETROIT, MI – APRIL 25: USC Quarterback Caleb Williams at the NFL, American Football Herren, USA Draft Red Carpet event on April 25, 2024 at Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI. (Photo by John Smolek/Icon Sportswire) NFL: APR 25 2024 Draft EDITORIAL USE ONLY Icon24042501

Some of the greatest sports fans have emerged from the city of Chicago. They’ve always showcased their love for their sports teams, their players, and even their latest additions to their team.

Post his drafting, Caleb Williams has received a lot of love from the Chicago fans. Not to be outdone, they have already broken a record that was previously set by WNBA No.1 pick, Caitlin Clark.

When Caitlin Clark was getting drafted by Indiana in the WNBA, her merchandise was sold out in just a matter of hours. Sales of her No.22 jersey went on to break merchandise sales records and it held for 10 whole days.

However, sales of Williams’ merchandise went on to break the record in just 10 days. While being the first draft was part of the reason why Williams’ merchandise sold out so much, there was an additional reason for Williams’ likeability.

Throughout his drafting journey, Williams has been the ideal first draft. He has showcased skills on the field and a character to look up to off the field. Through his demeanor, Williams has showcased that he isn’t the stereotypical image of a jock.

In fact, Williams has openly showcased his emotions and has positioned himself as a pinnacle of balance in terms of his emotional health as well.

His characteristics off the field have become ones that people can look up to. Moreover, the Chicago fans have adopted him instantly and have shown him immense love. It’s not just the fans he’s gotten so much love and acceptance from, but also other athletes who have recently become a part of Chicago.

A Warm Welcome for Caleb Williams From Angel Reese

Just a few days before Williams became a part of Chicago, college basketball sensation Angel Reese was drafted by the Chicago Sky. With the brilliant way she played throughout college, her drafting for the city of Chicago made complete sense.

While she also received a lot of love from the fans, her drafting didn’t break any merchandising records.

However, after Williams got drafted, Reese was ecstatic. She took to X (Twitter) to congratulate the quarterback on his draft.

Reese seemed to express her love for Williams’ inclusion into a pro-sports team in Chicago. She also mentioned that she is excited to bring about a lot of success to the city of Chicago, just like Williams will be.

The city of Chicago has gotten a boost in its arms in terms of new athletes. It only remains to be seen how well these new athletes help the winning prospects of Chi-Town.

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