Chrissy Teigen defends her ‘dirty’ bathwater after John Legend’s video horrifies fans

Don’t throw the model out with the bathwater.

Chrissy Teigen defended herself after she was seen soaking herself in “dirty” bathwater in a video shared to her husband John Legend’s Instagram on Monday.

“What is happening here?” the “All of Me” singer, 45, could be heard asking while filming his wife, 38, scrubbing her body off in the filthy-looking tub.

Chrissy Teigen in a bath
Chrissy Teigen defended herself after John Legend shared a video of her soaking in dirty bathwater.johnlegend/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen's bath.
“What is happening here?” Legend asked in the Instagram video while filming the brown water in the tub.johnlegend/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen in New York City.
“Getting all my body makeup off,” Teigen

“Getting all my body makeup off,” Teigen explained while using a washcloth and some exfoliating cleanser from Legend’s skincare brand, Loved01.

While the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was submerged in water that clearly turned brown due to her self-tanner, netizens flooded the comments section to voice their disgust.

“That dirty ass water wtf,” one person wrote.

“IDGAF if it is makeup. It looks dirty,” a second agreed.

Chrissy Teigen in New York City.
Critics dragged Teigen for soaking herself in “dirty ass water.”GC Images

Chrissy Teigen in a gown.
The model explained that the water was not dirty but just changed color from her body makeup.Getty Images for Accessories Council

“It’s not too late to take this cringe down,” a third fan commented.

“Damn she needs to let that dirty water drain before posting on social media,” a troll suggested.

“too much dirt for just one body, not showering enough I believe,” another wrote.

“That’s what the shower is for…why the bach… soaking in your own nasty filth,” another critic added.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in Cannes, France.
Legend and Teigen are currently at the Cannes Lions festival.johnlegend/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen in a white dress n Cannes.
The couple attended a chic party Monday night.chrissyteigen/Instagram
Teigen slammed the trolls by killing them with kindness in a sassy response.

“The water is dirty because I’m getting my body makeup off, like I said in the video my sweet angels!” she wrote.

Others also jumped to the “Cravings” cookbook author’s defense and called out the haters for not listening to her initial explanation.

“Cannes Lions is f–king lit lmao,” Teigen wrote via her Instagram Story.

Chrissy Teigen at a Cannes Lions party.
She and Legend were seen singing and dancing to the music at the fête.
“She literally says that she’s getting her body makeup off. That’s makeup. Not dirt,” one fan wrote.

“Once again this proves society and people great and comment without full context,” a second supporter commented.

“Idc if you like it or not. She said what she was doing and people are commenting based of [sic] they see vs what they hear and see. Context is key.”

John legend and Chrissy Teigen posing for a photo together.
Legend performed at a Spotify event this week.Instagram/@chrissyteigen

John legend and Chrissy Teigen posing for a photo together.
Teigen also spoke at a Cannes Lions panel.Giovanni Mocchetti/

“wow people really don’t read or listen do that,” a netizen agreed.

“Ppl r so judgy leave her alone,” another social media user wrote.

Teigen and Legend are currently in France for the Cannes Lions festival. The Grammy-winning artist performed an intimate concert at a Spotify event.

Chrissy Teigen on a red carpet.
The model is known for hitting back at her haters.Getty Images for JBL

John legend and Chrissy Teigen with their four kds.
The couple share four children.chrissyteigen/Instagram
“Cannes lions is f–king lit lmao,” Teigen wrote in an Instagram Story of herself and Legend singing a Natasha Bedingfield song at a rowdy party.

Teigen shared photos from the event of herself wearing a chic white structured dress, a stack of pearl necklaces and black mesh shoes.

Her skin was notably glowing with a sun-kissed tan thanks to the aforementioned body makeup she later scrubbed off.

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