College hoops world roasts $80 million worth Travis Scott for attending Caitlin Clark’s historical matchup against Ohio State: “Bro doing side quest”

Popular musician Travis Scott was just one of the celebrities present to watch Caitlin Clark break the overall college basketball scoring record at Carver-Hawkeye Arena during Iowa’s 93-83 win against Ohio State on Sunday.

Clark overtook Hall of Famer Pete Maravich’s long-standing record, scoring 35 points against the No. 2 Buckeyes.

He was just one of the celebrities paying attention to Clark, who needed 18 points to surpass Maravich, and his unlikely appearance at the No. 6 Hawkeyes’ game drew media eyeballs.

Iowa Hawkeyes basketball star, Caitlin Clark and singer, Travis Scott

College hoops fans lightheartedly roasted Travis Scott, who has a net worth of $80 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

“Bro doing side quest,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

The college basketball world has been aflame the past few weeks as fans collectively held their breath as they witnessed the popular Caitlin Clark march toward several scoring records.

After the Iowa Hawkeyes blew away the Minnesota Golden Gophers 108-60 in a Feb. 28 game where Clark registered 33 points to overtake former Kansas great Lynette Woodard’s point tally of 3,649 points, coach Lisa Bluder had a surprising reaction.

She took issue with the NCAA for not recognizing the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women records and termed it the real record-breaking night for Clark.

Rapper Travis Scott makes appearance at Iowa Women's Basketball Senior Day game

Travis Scott watched Caitlin Clark 'handle business' in record-breaking game

“Tonight is the night of the real record,” Bluder said. “For some reason, the NCAA does not want to recognize the basketball that was played prior to 1982, and that’s wrong.

We played basketball back then. They just don’t want to recognize it, and that hurts the rest of us who were playing at that time. There’s no reason why that should not be the true record.

“Maybe the NCAA will realize that now. Maybe it will be brought to their attention, and they will start recognizing those women who played in the ’70s. Remember, they played with a larger basketball and no 3-point line, either.”

After breaking Woodard’s record, Caitlin Clark also delved into the history of the record, thanking the previous holders for giving her the platform to break it.

“I’m just really thankful and grateful to have those players who have come before me. Yeah, it’s super special. Obviously, she’s (Woodard) one of the best all-time,” she said. “It just still shows the room that we have to improve, and where women’s sports is going is a really great place.”

On her part, Lynette Woodard revealed her excitement at Clark breaking the record during an interview with USA TODAY.

“Just the excitement surrounding (the record), it’s so beautiful for me,” Woodard said. “I think records are made to be broken. One day, it’s going to happen again, (and) I’m glad to be a part of it.

“(She is) drawing in so many different people from different walks of life,” Woodard said. “Not just the sporting world, not just the fans, but I guarantee you every household out here knows Caitlin Clark’s name.”

Even as she departs for the WNBA later this year, Caitlin Clark will be glad that she broke all the records that mattered and got the blessing of the past record-holders as the legitimate holder of those records.

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