“Dawn is an elite athlete and will always be”: South Carolina associate HC Lisa Boyer applauds Dawn Staley’s athleticism in engaging pregame ritual

Ever since she joined Dawn Staley’s coaching staff in 2018, Molly Binetti has always worked out on gamedays.

A couple of times, she does it alone while she has some staffer join her some other time. It became a popular tradition when the head coach joined last November.


The night before South Carolina’s game against Clemson on Nov. 16, Binetti approached Staley, inquiring if she would like to join her 10 a.m. workout.

Without hesitation, Staley accepted the invitation. In the coming weeks, it became a beloved gameday ritual at the program.

The performance of Dawn Staley at the workout has impressed her associate head coach Lisa Boyer, who has also become a member of the ritual.

She proudly appreciates her athleticism, which still looks solid after she retires from professional basketball.

“Make no mistake, Dawn is an elite athlete and will always be,” Boyer said. “There isn’t anything that she’s not going to be able to tackle.”

Molly Binetti also commends Dawn Staley

Lisa Boyer isn’t the only one impressed by Dawn Staley’s commitment and performance in the gameday workout. The originator, Molly Binetti also commends the undying spirit of the head coach, which is evident in the success of the program over the years.

Binetti, who’s the Gamecocks’ director of women’s basketball performance, noted that Staley previously had some surgeries in her knee.

Why she obviously must feel uncomfortable during the workout sessions, doesn’t in any way affect her performance.

“I give her a ton of credit because I swear that woman never sleeps, and she comes in and she works hard,” Binetti said. “She’s had some knee surgeries behind her so I know some things just don’t feel good, but you don’t hear her complain. She works.”

The symbolism of the gameday ritual

The workouts serve as a symbol of the program’s overarching mindset. They exemplify the team’s trust and mutual support, showcasing their genuine enjoyment of each other’s company.

“It’s just another way that the culture of our program is reflected,” Binetti said. “I think you see that in how we carry ourselves and the success that we’ve had and how coach Staley runs our program. This is kind of an extension of that.”

South Carolina has had a fantastic season in 2023-24 with the team remaining undefeated. The Gamecocks claimed both the Southeastern Conference regular and postseason tournament. They are also a few steps away from the national championship.

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