Dawn Staley laugh says it all after she asks Caitlin Clark question in press conference

Dawn Staley asked if Caitlin Clark successfully broke the NCAA scoring record in her own post-game interview – and could only laugh when she heard how the Iowa star did it

All eyes were on Caitlin Clark on her record-breaking night – even from those playing games of their own.

Clark made history as she became the all-time leading NCAA women’s points scorer – and she also broke her own single-game Iowa points record at the same time for good measure. Clark ended with an incredible 49 points as the Hawkeyes beat Michigan 106-89 on an unforgettable night.

Dawn Staley could only laugh when she found out how Caitlin Clark broke the scoring record

Over in Tennessee, Dawn Staley’s South Carolina team made history of its own, tying the all-time SEC winning streak with a 42nd straight regular-season conference victory. However, Staley was still interested in Clark and her achievements. Staley interrupted the middle of her press conference to ask: “Did Caitlin get the record, Clark? How many did she score tonight?”

She reacted with amazement when told she had scored 23 points in just the first quarter before saying: “Phew, no suspense, right?”. Clark entered the game needing just eight points to break the record. A couple of minutes later, Staley was told that Clark surpassed that mark with a 3-pointer from nearly 40 feet away from the basket.

Staley could do nothing but laugh as she was clearly in amazement at what Clark can do. Her reaction made it obvious she was routing for Clark to get the record and was far from shocked by the manner in which she did it.

Previously, Staley has had to defend herself amid claims she is not a fan of Clark. Last March, she told Bleacher Report: “People think I hate on Caitlin. I don’t.” And this year, her social media activity surrounding the sharpshooter drew criticism. However, she was keen to see other players mentioned in the National Player of the Year conversation.

She added in that interview last year: “Caitlin Clark, does she deserve it (National Player of the Year)? Absolutely. Does Aliyah Boston deserve it? Does Cameron Brink deserve it? Absolutely,” Staley said.

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“There are so many people who are deserving of it, so let’s tell all the stories. Let’s not just be one-sided.”

Earlier this season, Staley’s reaction to a game-winning buzzer beater from Clark, which game Iowa a win over Michigan State in January, drew more accusations of negativity towards her.

“Heckava shot but give the game ball to the ref for the shooting foul call,” wrote Staley on X, referring to the controversial decision that sent Clark’s teammate, Molly Davis, to the line in the final minute to help set up Clark’s buzzer beater.

Clark and Iowa beat Staley’s South Carolina team in the NCAA Tournament last season and their paths may cross again next month.

If they do, then it’s clear Staley is well aware of what they’ll need to stop after being left unable to do anything but laugh at Clark’s latest achievement.

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