Fans found proof that hours after NCAA Triumph with Kim Mulkey, baffled Angel Reese rubbished POTUS Joe Biden (Just to get at Caitlin Clark)

After an intense game on Sunday, the NCAA women’s basketball tournament came to an end.

The LSU Tigers, led by head coach Kim Mulkey, emerged as March Madness champions after dominating the Iowa Hawkeyes led by Caitlin Clark – but not without controversy.

Following their win, the Tigers received appreciation from across the country, including POTUS Joe Biden.

However, Angel Reese, an LSU star, reacted with a harsh comment on Twitter to a statement made by Biden’s wife – perhaps only to mess with Clark!

Clark’s consistent high-scoring in games fetched her a lot of attention in the hoops community.

Fans were expecting a lot from her in the finals and unfortunately, her 30-point effort in the finals couldn’t help her team.

Additionally, the Tigers forward Reese and Clark have had a rivalry brewing between them which surely culminated in the finals.

Notably, Reese mocked her with a hand-gesture when things weren’t going the Hawkeyes’ way during the last quarter.

Angel Reese adds insult to injury for Caitlin Clark

It’s a tradition for the champions to visit the White House and share their success with the president. However, first lady Jill Biden expressed her wish to invite the runners-up as well.

In her statement, she said, “You know, I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come too, because they played such a good game.”

Evidently disappointed with the statement, Angel Reese took to her Twitter and ridiculed the first lady’s statement with a tweet. She wrote “A JOKE” along with three laughing emojis.

Iowa's Caitlin Clark Will Be Dominating Sports News For The Next Month

Fans have witnessed signs of Reese’s rivalry with Clark and most suspect that she tweeted only to take a dig at her fellow rising star.

There hasn’t been any official update regarding the Hawkeyes’ visit to the White House, though, and there is no clarity as to whether the teams would visit at the same time or separately if both are invited.

Admittedly, the Iowa Hawkeyes did give it their all throughout the tournament – it isn’t such a bad idea for both finalists to share the visit after the competition ends.

Heartbreaking finish for Clark

Iowa entered the finals with a lot of expectations from fans, especially for Clark.

Amid controversial foul calls, Clark couldn’t deliver what was needed for a victory. She broke down while addressing the press post-match and delivered an emotional statement.

Still, fans expect the rising star to keep her spirits up and come back stronger for the next season.

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