Former Syracuse HC takes a subtle dig at Jay Williams for absurd take on Caitlin Clark: “I’ll just punch him”

At this point in her career, Caitlin Clark is at her best. Jim Boeheim, the legendary head coach of Syracuse, is ready to shield the Iowa star from his ESPN colleague Jay Williams’ criticism.

During his appearance on Dan Dakich’s “Don’t @ Me” show on OutKick Monday, Boeheim used the opportunity to not only shower praise on Caitlin Clark, but also to criticize Williams’ stance.

Williams had argued that Clark’s absence of championship titles diminishes her greatness, as he refused to call her “great”, setting aside the term for championship winners. Boeheim strongly disagreed with this stance.

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“Some expert says, ‘Well, she hasn’t won a championship.’ If I ever see that guy, I’ll just punch him,”
Boheim continued to say,

“Unless he’s really big. I won’t do it if he’s really big. But, these people, how do they get even get jobs saying stuff like that?”
According to Boeheim, out of all the players on both college and professional levels, Clark is the only one he actively seeks to watch on television these days.

“You know, there should be certain things you say that disqualifies you from ever being on radio or TV again. And to bring that up with Caitlin Clark or Karl Malone or John Stockton or people like that, they make their teams so much better. And without them, the Utah Jazz wouldn’t have won too many games without those two guys.”

The controversial remark made by Jay Williams dates back to Feb 17, on a game day. Jay Williams addressed “Diana Taurasi” as the true GOAT of college basketball. As he pointed out, Caitlin Clark has not won a championship yet.

“I am unwilling, and maybe it’s more the Kobe mentorship around me, to say that she is great yet. I think she is the most prolific scorer the game has ever seen. I hold great for the levels of immortality or the pantheon to when you win championships. That’s just me.”
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King James himself praised Caitlin Clark

Iowa’s Caitlin Clark propelled her team’s victory by 35 points in the Sunday matchup against Ohio State.

The game marked a special turn of events in Caitlin’s career as she amassed an impressive 3,685 points to surpass the pistol Pete Maravich and become the all-time leading scorer in the NCAA.

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Having broken a record by himself, Lebron James congratulated the point guard via Twitter, as he wrote,

“Congratulations, @CaitlinClark22, on becoming the All-Time leading scorer!!”
In the same week, James became the first NBA player to surpass 40,000 points.

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