Gabbie Marshall interview after Iowa’s loss to South Carolina in national championship game

Iowa’s Gabbie Marshall answered questions from reporters after an 87-75 loss to South Carolina in the 2024 NCAA women’s basketball national championship game.

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Lisa Bluder’s culture makes Iowa a destination, and players don’t want to leave

Sydney Affolter praised Lisa Bluder’s coaching style. Bluder has made two Final Fours in two straight years. Iowa had been to one Final Four before Bluder.

“She really grows the game and she cares about us more than just basketball players,” said Affolter.

Bluder’s culture is all about love.Lisa Bluder’s culture makes Iowa a destination, and players don’t want to leave

“She treats us like family and I think that’s the most important part,” said Hannah Stuelke. “That’s why we’re so successful, we play together and we stay together on and off the court.”

The Hawkeyes’ two Final Four rosters are very similar, with no transfers coming in or out.

“People are valued in our program,” said Bluder. “I think if you treat people right and they understand how important they are to your success, they genuinely feel like they’re a part of it. I think they’ll stay, I really think it’s as simple as that.”

“They don’t really go to the transfer portal looking for new people, they focus on developing relationships with people and development of players that we already have,” said Addison O’Grady. “It’s really just the family atmosphere. She really just makes us the best version of themselves.”

Lisa Bluder's culture makes Iowa a destination, and players don't want to leave

Bluder gives a lot of the credit to Jan Jensen and Jenni Fitzgerald, whom she’s been with for over 2 decades at Iowa.

“I mean I get to work every day with my best friends,” said Bluder. “It is such a comfort, but it also helps you get through the really low times and enjoy the high times even.”

“God, I get choked up thinking about it. You can’t describe what it’s like for us to have made it last year, but then go back to back as young coaches man,” said Jensen. “God has blessed us with friendship, with great teams, we get to coach these great young women, and Lisa in my opinion is as good as it gets as a leader.”

“We’ve all stuck together. It’s a dream we’re living our dreams”.

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