“Her hair is taller than him”: WNBA fans hilariously react to Cameron Brink’s resurfaced picture with Kevin Hart

WNBA fans hilariously react to Cameron Brink’s resurfaced picture with Kevin Hart.

Cameron Brink is already getting used to the stars in Los Angeles after a recent picture of herself with Kevin Hart went viral. Brink was the second overall pick of the 2024 WNBA draft, getting selected by an LA Sparks team looking for star power.

Brink will have to learn to play under the bright lights of Hollywood, especially with a renewed focus on the WNBA. The Sparks lost their top star Nneka Ogwumike in free agency, so the Stanford product came in at the perfect time.

One of the brightest stars in Hollywood right now is Kevin Hart, who took a picture with Brink last year. The photo resurfaced recently on X, formerly known as Twitter, and people on the platform had a field day due to the height difference. Hart stands at around five-foot-two or five-foot-four depending on the source, while Brink is six-foot-four.

Fans cannot believe the height disparity between the two, and many got some jokes about Cameron Brink towering over Kevin Hart. There were some light-hearted ones, while others were a little out-of-pocket and cannot be mentioned.


“Her hair is taller than him,” one fan wrote.

“She’s tall, but not crazy tall. How damn short is Kevin Hart?” another fan asked.

“If they were dating, this will be considered a long-distance relationship,” a fan cracked.

The jokes kept on coming, which Hart would likely appreciate being a comedian. He’s always been around with tall people, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who he has starred in a bunch of moneymaking movies.

“Someone give that man a stool or step ladder or something so he can stop embarrassing himself!” one fan commented.

“Enough distancing to not catch COVID,” another fan joked.

“Their height difference makes it look photoshopped,” a fan noticed.

Cameron Brink ready to take on Hollywood

The LA Sparks needed a star, and they got one in Stanford’s Cameron Brink, who was the second overall pick in this year’s WNBA draft. Brink is primarily known for her defense due to her lanky frame and athletic ability. She should anchor the Sparks’ defense for years to come.

On offense, Brink has improved every year and is coming off a career year, averaging 17.8 points per game and shooting 51.2%. She will need to improve her strength if she wants to score at a high level in the WNBA. She has also developed a nice jumper that she’ll have to continue to work on as a pro.

Brink is also better at facing up the opposition on the block rather than back down. Her passing is an underrated part of her game, which makes her an even more dangerous threat for the Spark.

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