Highest paid coaches in NCAA women’s basketball: Dawn Staley, Geno Auriemma among biggest salaries in 2024

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NCAA women’s basketball is full of star talent.

Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, JuJu Watkins, and Paige Bueckers are just a few of the best players, but the game offers more than just on-court star power.

The coaches are also top-notch and paid handsomely because of it. Many Hall of Famers either have or continue to grace the sport’s sideline, and a couple of those coaches find themselves in the 2024 Final Four. Geno Auriemma and Dawn Staley are among the highest paid coaches in NCAA women’s basketball, but just where do they rank on the overall list?

Here’s what their salaries look like and how they rank among the richest college coaches in women’s hoops.

Who is the highest paid coach in NCAA women’s basketball?

Kim Mulkey of LSU is currently the highest-paid coach in women’s college basketball. She earned $3.26 million during the 2023-24 season, according to USA Today.

Mulkey signed an eight-year, $23.6 million contract with LSU in 2021, but it was upgraded to a 10-year, $36 million contract in 2023 after winning the national championship. The deal runs through 2033.

Top 10 highest paid coaches in women’s college basketball

Mulkey tops the list for the highest paid women’s college basketball coaches with a $3.15 million salary from LSU. She earned a total of $3.26 million, according to USA Today.

Can college coaches sign endorsement deals?

Coaches have the added benefit of earning a salary and doing endorsement deals, just like players.

That being said, it’s not as popular for coaches to appear in commercials since players typically have more popularity.

Staley and former Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski appeared in an Aflac commercial during this year’s March Madness.

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