“I’m not sitting this one out”: Kamilla Cardoso being called a ‘giant Brazilian woman’ triggers Dawn Staley’s immediate reaction for CBS

Dawn Staley, the head coach of the women’s South Carolina Gamecocks basketball team, is demanding an apology from CBS.

During a CBS Sports Minute, the show host called South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso, a giant Brazilian woman who knocks people over.

“I’m more excited for the women’s tournament. I’m ready for Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark and the giant Brazilian woman from South Carolina that knocks people over,” the host said.

Kamilla Cardoso being called a ‘giant Brazilian woman’ triggers Dawn Staley’s immediate reaction for CBS

Immediately, many fans were shocked that it even made it to the air.

After it went public, South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley took to social media to demand an apology from CBS.

“What a morning?!! Never thought I’d hear one of my players described in such an offensive way. I’m not sitting this one out. Kamilla deserves an apology @CBSSports @1075thegame (can be issued even though it’s out of your control).”

It was good to see Staley defend her player like that, as many fans thought the host was in the wrong.

CBS and Radio Station issue apology

Following Dawn Staley’s tweet, CBS Sports issued an apology to Kamilla Cardoso over the comments made about her on air. CBS Sports executives reportedly personally apologized, while 107.5 The Game issued an apology on air.

“Coach you have every right to be upset. We as a CBS affiliate do not control what plays in their sports minutes and we certainly don’t condone what was said. We try and treat all women’s sports with the upmost respect. It’s unfortunate some national voices don’t,” 107.5 apologized.
“Even though it was not one of our voices that said this, we are ultimately responsible for what plays on our airways and we will work to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. We sincerely apologize to you, Kamilla and your entire team.”

Following the radio station’s apology, Dawn Staley once again took to social media to accept it.

South Carolina now turns their attention to the NCAA Tournament after they won the SEC Tournament with a 79-72 win.

South Carolina is a perfect 33-0 and is one of the favorites to win the NCAA Tournament.

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