Infuriated 7’1 Giant Shaquille O’Neal Skewers Fan With “Mother” Profanity to Defend ‘Niece’ Angel Reese After NCAA-Caitlin Clark Controversy

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has a unique personality as he never shies away from speaking about whatever is going on in his mind.

The Big Diesel has expressed his feelings on different affairs on multiple occasions and recently again showed a glimpse of his personality.

Shaq slammed a fan who criticized the 2023 NCAA champion Angel Reese for making a gesture at Caitlin Clark. The 7’1″ NBA legend ended up dragging the fan’s mother in.

Reese’s gesture quickly took over the internet by storm. Many fans and media personalities across the hoops-world criticized her on social media. In fact, one journalist, Jose de Jesus Ortiz, termed her act “classless”. However, the four-time champion stood by the 20-year-old’s side.

Shaquille O’Neal calls out a fan by dragging his mother in

The LSU Tigers battled Iowa Haweyes in the 2023 NCAA women’s division 1 tournament’s Finals on Sunday night. The epic game ended in favor of the Tigers with a score of 85-102. Reese and her teammates showcased their flair on the hardwood.

However, during the closing moments of the game, the whizz-kid made a ‘You can’t see me’ gesture, popularized by WWE legend John Cena towards the Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark. In light of this, the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy recently said about her, “Classless piece of shit.”

This remark of Portnoy drew reactions from the former Los Angeles Lakers player. The four-time champion took to Twitter and replied to him by saying, “and so is your mother.”

This comment of Shaq indicated that he was so angry with Portnoy’s comments that he had to drag his mother into the conversation.

Shaq gets addressed as Uncle after defending Reese

Keith Olbermann, a noted journalist like Ortiz, also uttered a few words about the Tigers forward, saying, “What a f*****g idiot.”

His comment prompted the 15x All-Star to give a reply to Olbermann just like he replied to others. The four-time champion said, “shut your dumb a** up leave angel reese alone.” In response to these tweets, the 2023 NCAA champion said, “yeah my uncle shaq don’t play bout me. period.”

yeah my uncle shaq don’t play bout me. period.

What are your thoughts on Shaquille O’Neal slamming Dave Portnoy by dragging his mother to defend Angel Reese? Let us know in the comments below.

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