Intense Caitlin Clark, Kim Mulkey Interaction After LSU vs. Iowa Game Goes Viral

Intense Caitlin Clark, Kim Mulkey Interaction After LSU vs. Iowa Game Goes Viral.

Former Iowa Hawkeye and current Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark and LSU coach Kim Mulkey have taken part in two iconic NCAA games over the past two years.

The first one was the 2023 NCAA National Championship game, when Angel Reese and Clark became inextricably linked due to Reese’s taunting seconds before winning the championship.

But Clark got revenge on Reese and Mulkey in the 2024 Elite Eight, when she dropped 41 points to end LSU’s season and Reese’s college career.

And an intense exchange that Clark and Mulkey had after that second game resurfaced on social media Tuesday, and is raising a lot of eyebrows.

LSU Lady Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey reacts in the second quarter against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the finals of the Albany Regional in the 2024 NCAA Tournament at MVP Arena.

The X post (by user @wafflesreese) shows Mulkey cranking Clark’s neck downward to say something into her ear during the postgame handshakes.

The post’s caption is, “I find myself randomly thinking about this moment, like why did Kim grab Caitlin’s neck like that”.

The post has 50,000 views in less than 12 hours. And fans are having a laugh about what Mulkey was doing.

“Had to let her know! ‘I woulda cooked you back in the day Caitlin’ – Coach Mulkey,” one fan joked.

“She said I’m so glad you’re leaving lol,” said another.

Luckily for Mulkey, she’ll never need to face Clark again.

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