IOWA Women’s Basketball Does This Beautiful Sequence Without Caitlin Clark

For those used to seeing Iowa score quickly on a Clark lob, drive or fade away 3, this almost seems like the squad is putting on a show.

Having watched the last two minutes & OT and highlights of the Iowa Nebraska game, I see a very ell coached team. Hawkeyes hung in there in the 1st half when Clark was below par.

In the second half Clark caught fire & Hawkeyes held Nebraska to 26 points in the second half. In last minutes all players made big plays – steals, shots, free throws, passes, …

I have watched this play dozens of times and it never gets old. The sheer joy and teamwork these young women play with is so fun to watch. They are winners no matter what the final score is.

Caitlin Clark’s growing popularity will impact WNBA’s expansion plans

The world of basketball has been buzzing with excitement as the meteoric rise of Iowa’s basketball sensation, Caitlin Clark, continues to captivate fans across the United States.

Not only is Clark’s journey a testament to her unparalleled talent, but it also serves as a beacon of optimism for the future of women’s basketball, particularly with regard to the WNBA’s expansion plans.

Caitlin Clark’s popularity transcends the college basketball courts, with her name becoming synonymous with excellence and excitement.

As Chicago Sky forward Brianna Turner aptly puts it, “Every year, you see, ‘Oh, this women’s team has this much more exposure.’ I feel like a lot of people just got introduced to basketball from seeing Caitlin Clark.”

Caitlin Clark joining the WNBA is expected to impact the popularity of...

Turner’s sentiments underscore the significant impact Clark’s rising star power has had on broadening the league’s appeal and fostering growth within women’s sports.

The WNBA, mirroring the upward trajectory of women’s basketball, has ambitious plans to expand to 14 teams by 2025.

Turner believes that Clark’s imminent entry into the WNBA could serve as a catalyst for further exposure and interest in the league.

The excitement surrounding Clark’s transition to the professional ranks aligns perfectly with the WNBA’s vision for growth and expansion.

Fever tickets expected to be through the roof

The anticipation surrounding Caitlin Clark’sWNBA draft prospects is palpable, with the Indiana Fever’s ticket offices witnessing a noticeable surge in inquiries and sales.

Dubbed “Clarkonomics” by basketball analyst Deb Antonelli, Clark’s ability to generate excitement and enthusiasm has reached unprecedented levels, sparking renewed interest in the Fever and the WNBA as a whole.

Clark’s impact isn’t confined to Indiana alone.

WNBA cities across the country, including Connecticut and Las Vegas, are experiencing a surge in ticket sales and anticipation ahead of Clark’s debut.

With nearly 800 tickets sold in 24 hours for the Sun’s season opener against the Fever, the excitement surrounding Clark’s arrival is unprecedented.

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