Jennifer Lopez suffers from an unusual addiction that puts her marriage to Ben Affleck at risk, experts say

A TMZ documentary claims that JLo is “addicted to love.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's marriage has been stormy.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage has been stormy.LAPRESSE

The marriage between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is reportedly on the rocks, and the reason might not be what you expect. While Affleck’s past struggles with alcoholism have been widely publicized, it’s Lopez’s unusual addiction that’s threatening their relationship. According to several renowned psychologists, J.Lo is “addicted to love.”

Rumors of a potential split have been swirling for months, and experts are pointing to Lopez’s “love addiction” as a significant factor. TMZ’s new documentary on Hulu, “JLo & Ben: Missed Warning Signs,” delves into the complexities of their relationship.

Featuring insights from Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Psychotherapist Jenn Mann, and others, the documentary highlights various issues that may have led to the couple’s current troubles.

What insiders say

One notable voice in the documentary is Jon Peters, the mega-producer behind films like “Flashdance” and “Prince of Tides.” With a history of dating high-profile celebrities and battling his own addictions, Peters claims that J.Lo is a classic case of a love addict, constantly needing a man in her life.


Dr. Drew corroborates the idea, affirming that “love addiction” is a real phenomenon and pointing out that Lopez has had a pattern of falling fast and hard in every relationship she’s had.

Experts in the documentary emphasize the importance of having “alone time” after a relationship ends to understand what went wrong and to heal before jumping into a new one.

However, this has not been the case for Lopez. From Ojani Noa to Chris Judd, Marc Anthony, A-Rod, and now Ben AffleckLopez has seemingly never allowed herself that essential period of solitude.

J.Lo congratulated Ben on Father’s Day

Despite the swirling rumors, Lopez recently took to Instagram to wishAffleck a happy Father’s Day, calling him “our hero” in recognition of his role as a stepfather to her 16-year-old twins, Emme and Max. This heartfelt message came a day after the couple spent time together in the California home they have decided to sell.

Later, they were seen arriving separately at Affleck’s rental home in Brentwood, where Affleck welcomed his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. It remains unclear whether Garner and Lopez interacted or if all three were present at the same time.

For those interested in the deeper dynamics of this high-profile relationship, “TMZ Investigates: JLo and Ben: Missed Warning Signs” is available for streaming on Hulu.

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