Kim Mulkey Net Worth: How much does LSU pay their Women’s basketball team coach?

Kim Mulkey Net Worth: How much does LSU pay their Women’s basketball team coach?

Kim Mulkey is a high-profile women’s basketball coach in the United States.

Kim Mulkey is the controversial coach of the LSU Women's basketball…

Kim Mulkey is a renowned women’s basketball coach with an illustrious career spanning over 24 years that made her the highest-earning women’s coach and has an approximate net worth of $12 million.

Kim Mulkey is the controversial coach of the LSU Women's basketball...

Kim Mulkey’s stern words for her team after 24 turnovers against the Rice Owls in March MadnessYouTube

Mulkey, a game-changer in women’s basketball salaries

At 61, Mulkey boasts a remarkable track record, crowned with three AP Coach of the Year accolades and a string of triumphant seasons, including leading LSU to a historic national championship victory in just her second season at the helm in 2023.

Hailing from Louisiana, Mulkey’s roots intertwine deeply with the vibrant tapestry of basketball.

Her journey, marked by tenacity and passion, began to flourish early on.

From her stellar tenure at Baylor, where she clinched three national championships, to her recent homecoming to LSU, Mulkey’s trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Speculation surrounding Mulkey’s net worth has ignited fervent discussion, especially with her recent landmark deal with LSU.

Mulkey’s affiliation with LSU hasn’t merely been symbolic; it’s been a game-changer in women’s basketball coaching salaries.

Her initial contract, a lucrative $23.6 million deal spanning eight years, propelled her into the echelons of the highest-paid coaches, trailing closely behind UConn’s Geno Auriemma.

In a historic move, Mulkey shattered existing records with her ten-year, $36 million contract extension, solidifying her status as the highest-paid coach in women’s basketball history.

Surpassing the likes of Becky Hammon, Geno Auriemma, and Dawn Staley, Mulkey’s paycheck epitomizes her meteoric rise in the coaching arena.

While Mulkey’s astronomical earnings paint a picture of success, they also underscore the glaring gender pay disparities pervasive in sports coaching.

Despite her unparalleled achievements, Mulkey’s compensation pales in comparison to counterparts in men’s basketball coaching circles, a stark reminder of the hurdles yet to be overcome.

Kim Mulkey’s controversial edge

The LSU coach, who is known for her eye-catching outfits on the court, tends to land headlines for her achievements as well as her soundbites.

Mulkey has found herself in a few controversies over the years, including calling for the NCAA to “dump” covid-19 testing ahead of the Final Four round of the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

This season, the coach refused to reveal why star player Angel Reese was away from the team for a total of four games.

Most recently, Mulkey appears to be involved in a squabble with the Washington Post about a supposed story the news outlet is planning to publish.

Mulkey revealed on Saturday that she will sue the outlet if they publish the supposed “hit piece”.

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