Meet Nika Muhl’s Parents Roberta and Darko Mühl – Everything You Need to Know About Future WNBA Star’s Ethnicity and Family Life

Nika Mühl was an energetic youngster who went on escapades in the charming Croatian city of Zagreb that ultimately determined her destiny.

With her contagious enthusiasm, Nika made her parents, Roberta and Darko, concerned everywhere she went, from the busy parks to the basketball courts. “She was a handful at a very, very early age.”

Darko Mühl stated, “She wouldn’t sit in one place for 10 seconds. She was just like that basically since she was a little kid. Too much energy.”

Nika Mühl has always demonstrated a lively personality. The 23-year-old was first exposed to athletics at a young age by her parents, both former basketball players.

The Mühl family dynamic was shaped by their mutual desire for sports, which fueled Nika’s affinity for the game and her competitive nature. She had a singular focus on the basketball court even as a young child, subsequently choosing it over other sports.

Roberta and Darko’s influence on Nika Mühl

Nika Mühl’s family resides in Croatia. Even though they live far away, their consistent backing has been her pillar of strength during her time in college. Roberta and Darko, Nika’s parents, still have an impact that can be felt in every step she takes on the court.

Darko often makes fun of his daughter’s frequent absences from home since she is constantly out socializing with friends when she returns to Croatia.

Due to COVID-19, the Huskies were unable to return home for winter break in 2020; nevertheless, Nika traveled home this past winter, even if it only meant spending two and a half days at home.

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“It felt like a month to me, it was great. I did not even sleep, I just went to spend all my time with my friends and family,” Nika Mühl stated, adding,“I made the promise to myself, ‘I’m not gonna sleep. I’m gonna use up all the time.’ Maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea coming back here but it was worth it.”

Nika’s roots stayed firmly entrenched in the ideals her parents imparted, even as she bloomed into a collegiate star. Their dedication to family and Nika’s natural empathy created a close-knit group among UConn basketball players.

Now, she is admired both on and off the court for her genuineness and humility, whether she’s leaping for loose shots on the court or interacting with admirers.

Mühl family overwhelmed by UConn women's basketball experience

Setting up Enthusiasm in Basketball

Nika’s passion for basketball and her aspirations to compete at the top levels have grown with time. She was determined to be the best basketball player she could ever be, even though other sports had more allure. Legendary coach Geno Auriemma was drawn to the exceptional guard, and because of her unshakable devotion, he even traveled to Croatia to recruit Nika Mühl.

“My teammates and the people here, they have been the biggest thing for me,” Nika Mühl mentioned, continuing, “They really make my days here feel like I’m at home.” It was intimidating for Nika to move from the cobbled alleys of Zagreb to the sacred courts of UConn. However, equipped with her signature persistence and a strong sense of purpose, she took on the issue head-on.

Nika Mühl’s trip from Croatia to Connecticut was more than simply a way for her to shift places; it was also a representation of her strong dedication to her work.

Throughout her career, Nika has always exhibited her ability to persevere in the face of difficulty, driven by passion and familial encouragement. Her road to becoming a future WNBA champion is just getting started, heralding the rise of a new basketball prodigy.

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